June 4, 2014

Music Teacher John Gleadall and students test Toontrack’s EZdrummer 2

Having known for some time that my former school music teacher, John Gleadall, was a fan of EZdrummer, I couldn’t wait to see what he thought of EZdrummer 2 when Toontrack released the powerful new drum software on May 6th. John proposed to use it with one his Year 11 students who was struggling to realise a drum part in software and promised to send us a report to let…

September 3, 2013

Using Toontrack EZkeys for music education in the words of John Gleadall

We know from customer feedback how useful Toontrack’s EZkeys software has been to many music producers of varying piano playing abilities for creating tracks and learning some of the fundamental elements of songwriting.  We’ve also been fully aware of how useful a tool it is for music lessons in schools and a few months ago, in an email conversation with my music teacher from many years ago, I was waxing…

October 21, 2010

Can you spot the difference?

One of my favourite memories from school was performing in a production of West Side Story – I played the part of a Jet which luckily for the audience didn’t involve much singing on my part but instead plenty of dancing and prancing around to the likes of ‘America’, ‘The Rumble’ and, of course, ‘The Jet Song’. Purbrook Park secondary school had a great Performing Arts team including music teacher…