Which Synthogy piano for me?
June 20, 2017

Comparing the sounds of Synthogy’s Ivory II pianos

Synthogy’s range of Ivory II pianos are by far some of the most deeply sampled instruments ever; the team are entirely dedicated to delivering the world’s best and rarest pianos in virtual format, allowing any musician or producer to experience the stunning sounds of these world-class pianos without worrying about lack of realism & playability. With the release of Studio Grands just a few weeks ago, the range now consists…

April 27, 2016

Which iZotope RX tools fit your audio needs?

Now at its fifth version, iZotope’s RX is well known as an industry leading tool for repairing, restoring and enhancing audio but did you know iZotope now offer a choice of RX solutions depending on the nature of the sound/project, the severity of the audio issues and the level of user experience? From the musician who just wants to remove an unwanted background noise from a recent recording session to…