September 19, 2014

The Story of the Mellotron

Mellotron the brain child of inventor Harry Chamberlin, was born in Birmingham in 1963, hailed as a ‘band in a box’ the Mellotron was quickly picked up by The Beatles and other big name acts soon followed suit making the Mellotron the notable sound in progressive rock. The Mellotron, who name comes from a combination of ‘mellifluous electronics’ features on many iconic songs including David Bowie’s Space Oddity, The Beatles…

May 12, 2014

Take top plugins for a test drive on our new Media Suite at Absolute Music

The Time+Space Media Suite is installed at music retailers around the UK allowing you to audition effects plugins and virtual instruments from the likes of iZotope, Spectrasonics, Toontrack, Synthogy, Rob Papen, Garritan, Vir2 and others before deciding whether to part with your hard-earned cash. We’ve just come back from a trip to Absolute Music‘s giant store in Bournemouth, Dorset, where we installed the latest version of the Time+Space Media Suite….

February 7, 2014

How to make money from your music with ‘The Business of Music Licensing’

Long-time Time+Space customer Emmett Cooke is certainly a busy man. Not only is he a full time media composer he’s also the founder of the online composer resource and software deals website Yet, despite all that, he’s still found time to write a 70+ page eBook explaining how you can generate revenue through your music. Ideal for both amateur and professional composers who want to start building a…

January 30, 2014

Video Games – Sound FX License Agreement – Where Do I Stand?

Do you, as a sound designer, need to be signing an additional User License Agreement for using sounds in isolation for Foley and Sound FX work? Over the last year we have been asked by several different customers as to where they stand within their license agreement when designing sounds for use in video games and general Sound FX. Most sample license agreements state that the samples must be embedded…

July 3, 2013

Pro Tools 11 and the 64 bit AAX format – what it means for Time+Space plugins

Given the level of discussion circulating on the web in recent months, you would have been hard pressed to avoid the subject of AVID‘s recently released Pro Tools 11 with the long awaited 64 bit version of their music host software. This upgrade to 64 bit – across Mac and Windows – has seen the removal of their previously used RTAS plug-in format, which has now been fully replaced by…

June 24, 2013

Try out our software at KMR Audio in London

In the early days of sample CDs there was the CD jukebox for auditioning but things have moved on a little since then. Now we have a dedicated computer with a custom designed host so you can quickly and easily try our extensive range of both instrument and effects plugins. Our ‘Media Suite’ demo kiosks are now located in pro audio dealers across the UK to help you decide which new software…

December 13, 2012

Richard Buskin on unearthing the tales behind Sample Magic’s new book – Classic Tracks

Sample Magic has long been renowned as a producer of high quality dance-based sample libraries but in recent years the UK company has increasingly garnered a solid reputation for books geared towards music producers with the release of The Secrets of House Music Production back in 2009 and The Producer’s Manual written by Paul White in 2010. This week sees the publication of Sample Magic’s third book which will not…

October 11, 2012

In Your Studio… with musician Chris Ilett

We’ve loved receiving your responses to our In Your Studio questions and hearing more about the music you make and the products you’re using. You can find out more about how you can get involved by clicking here. But first, why not read our next installment which comes courtesy of musician and Toontrack EZdrummer fan Chris Ilett. Over to Chris…