December 7, 2010

Jack Untold talks plug-ins, sample packs and top tips

Jack Dunning aka Untold is a unique talent. His sound is more than a trademark snare or a catchy vocal snippet, it’s a sonic DNA that mutates beyond genre, transcends time barriers and will continue to defy categorization. Over the years, his tracks have integrated grime, classic house, ravey synths of later day hardcore, jungle, dark garage and more but it is his work within the Dubstep arena, and the…

November 5, 2010

Composer Chris Haigh talks Animato, scoring movies and Spectrasonics

If you’re a regular T+S blog reader or a visitor to some of the most popular music production forums, the chances are you’ve heard about the sample library that is currently as much in demand as Take That tour tickets were last Friday. Ok, so maybe not quite that in demand, but Zero-G’s Animato is certainly one of, if not the best selling sample library of 2010 for Time+Space. Last…