Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 – The Press Verdict

Previously on the T+S blog, we’ve shared some of our customer’s thoughts on how Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 has made an impact on their music production. Now, nearly four months on since it was unleashed unto the world, we take a look at what the press have made of Toontrack’s monumental drum production software.

Sound On Sound

Sound on Sound Superior Drummer 3It’s been a long time coming, but the new version of Superior Drummer raises the bar for virtual drum instruments.

“It is technically brilliant, but the real triumph is the sound: deep, detailed, utterly believable and, in sonic terms, practically impossible to beat in your own studio”

“Toontrack have got an absolutely nailed-on winner here, and all I can say is that I feel sorry for session drummers who are looking for work.”




The Samplecast



Computer Music

Computer Music awards

SD3 marks a genuinely revolutionary leap forward for the platform. It is, in a word, magnificent.


Superior Drummer 3 (VST/AU/AAX/standalone) makes an immediate positive impression with its gorgeous GUI […] The main drum kit display has never looked better, either, with every kit piece represented by its own photorealistic graphic.

Computer Music Logo


We’re absolutely blown away by Superior Drummer 3. We’ve been using it for a few months now, and everything from the enormous library to the super-streamlined GUI, onboard sequencing, stunning effects and spectacular Tracker still feels gloriously ‘new’ and exciting. The kits themselves sound, without exception, incredible, and offer more than enough tonal variety to keep any producer happy.Click here to read the review in full






Simply put, the sounds provided on this piece of software are superb. […] Toontrack´s latest flagship package offers a range of unique features coupled with world-class recordings. If you are in the market for a new drum sampler package Superior Drummer 3 is absolutely worth considering.”


Music Tech Magazine

Music Tech Excellence AwardI’ve discovered that many of my fellow producers are fans, especially those involved in soundtrack composition, needing fast access to a large library of high-quality sounds, detailed programming, and possibly a bit of Surround, too.


Superior Drummer 3 lives up to the title – the kits are great, I particularly rate the effects, and overall, it’s got the tMusicTech Magools, options, content and the flexibility


It’s an invaluable percussion toolkit for any producer who needs the realest, but also most editable, drums possible – SD3 truly is a DAW for drums.

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 Drums Tab

Rhythm Magazine

Rhythm Five Star ReviewSuperior Drummer 3 has added a lot of new features, some of which will be a godsend to previous users, such as the newly-designed interface, introduction of macro controls for
assigning multiple parameters to one easy control; but for the more casually interested, we’re going to focus on the bigger elements of the package.


It’s taken multiple areas of drum production and successfully combined them into one all-encompassing powerhouse.”Rhythm Mag Logo


“An extremely powerful tool, both in the studio and for hybrid sounds in a live setting.”


The full capabilities of Tracker are far, far beyond the scope of this review, but take my word for it, it goes deep. Among many other things, you can further train Tracker to ignore bleed from surrounding multi-track files (especially useful on Tom multi-tracks for example), and once the files are analyzed you can fine tune in minute detail any hits that Tracker may have missed or added by mistake. Tracker is a miracle that shaves hours off drum replacing and ensures getting back to more creative tasks in a fraction (seriously a fraction) of the time.”


Ask Audio LogoSuperior Drummer 3 is extraordinary: a game changer on all fronts. If you are serious about your drum sound and programming then this has to go to the top of your to-do list right now. The mixer is a powerhouse of possibilities. The new effects run with the best. The grooves and song creator section are endlessly tweakable and the new interface is a pleasure to work with.Read review in full



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