Zero-G release Ethera Soundscapes V2.0

Supreme sample library veterans Zero-G are back with the second version of their popular Ethera Soundscapes library! This award-winning collection combines stunning male and female voices, synths, and ambient sounds making it a highly useful all-around tool for your cinematic and electronic compositions. It received critical acclaim from critics and customers alike for it’s incredible attention to detail and reasonable price. Here’s what Music Tech and Computer Music magazine had to say about Ethera Soundscapes:

Ethera has won me over. Because of the incredibly cheap price – £77 for all of this is great value- I honestly wasn’t expecting much at all, but there’s a lot under the hood in terms of sample content and loads you can do with it. – Music Tech

We can’t even begin to describe the intricacies of Soundscapes´ Vocal, Synth and Ambience scripts and soundbanks in so few words, but between them, they open up more epic and evocative male and female vox, electronic tones and textural material possibilities that you´ll know what to do with.” – Computer Music

Zero-G, along with the Ethera producer Stefano Maccarelli and vocalist Clara Sorace, have certainly not rested on their laurels, and have packed version 2 with numerous new features and improvements. These include new vocal phrases, an updated waveform synth, the addition of snapshot user and stories presets, and a new synth arpeggiator with pitch step sequencer. Although the biggest addition is their new emotive true legato which features 4 Sustains Round Robin, 2 Sustains Velocity Layers, up to 3 True Legato Velocity Layers with different styles and over 3 True Octave Vocal Range.

They’ve also gone away and listened to your feedback to improve the performance of the arp in ‘chord’ mode, and fixed several other minor issues. With all of these additions and improvements, it’s hard to believe that Ethera Soundscapes 2.0 won’t have something to add to your next cinematic or electronic masterpiece.

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There’s also a great article over on the Zero-G blog where you can read more about the making of Ethera Soundscapes 2.0. Click here to read all about it.





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