Music Production Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals – what’s in store?

It’s almost that time of year again, where deals and offers on music software, sample packs, software instruments, and hardware are aplenty. That’s right, we’re talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Every year there’s always a wide range of deals and cheap virtual instruments available from some of our most popular brands. So, we thought we’d take a look at last year’s deals, and try and predict some of the offers that could be available to music producers this year!

Black Friday Deals


There’s no doubt that a Spectrasonics Black Friday sale would be the best case scenario for many producers. Although we’re still yet to see a Spectrasonics Black Friday sale, stranger things have happened! Plus it doesn’t hurt to dream of big discounts on products such as Omnisphere 2, Keyscape, and Trilian.




Last year, iZotope presented a plethora of huge deals. And it seems like they intend on going even bigger this year. They’ve already provided us with up to 50% of RX6 and 20% off the brand new Ozone 8 & Neutron 2. Not only this, but you will also receive a free tutorial with your purchase to help you start the new year as a mixing and mastering pro! They have also announced a 50% deal on their Creative Bundle, 67% of Iris2, and they’ve reduced VocalSynth to it’s lowest ever price! If that isn’t enough to get your studio salivating imagine what offers they’re saving for Black Friday… Click here for all iZotope special offers.

Update: iZotope have already announced the following Black Friday deals:

Ozone 8


Last year, Toontrack offered discounts across all of their product lines – EZdrummer, EZkeys, EZmix and Superior Drummer, and they seem to be following up on that trend this year. We’ve got offers on EZDrummer2, EZMix, and EZkeys, not the mention offers on both SDX and EZX expansion packs. Will there be a discount on the newly released Superior Drummer 3? We’d hazard a guess at no for fear of upsetting the thousands of customers who have invested in the software already since September. However, the Swedish developer has revealed that the first SDX pack for SD3 – The Rock Foundry – will be released on the 21st, definitely something to look forward to! Last year’s Toontrack deals included some crazy one-day offers, will those be back again for 2017? Click here to view all Toontrack special offers.

Update: Toontrack have already announced the following Black Friday deals:



The Rock Foundry



Heavyocity have already launched their ‘Thanksgiving Sale’ with some of their most popular products at their lowest prices ever including 30% of NOVO Modern Strings, 50% off the award-nominated Punish effects plug-in, and 50% off their Gravity Modern Scoring tools! And if that’s not enough for you they also have 50% off the hugely successful range of Gravity Packs including VocaliseScoring Guitars and Natural Forces. If you’re a composer or sound designer these are deals that you’re not going to want to miss out on.

 Big Fish Audio

Another generous giver last year was Big Fish Audio. They offered some of their top sample libraries and instruments, and with various new titles having been released since then it’s likely we could see a similar offer this year. One title that we would love to see included is their new ‘Sequence’ title. ‘Sequence’ is a hip-hop beat creator that offers a wide-range of creative options when coming up with the foundation of your next big hip-hop track.

Update: Big Fish Audio have announced they are offering 70% off a wide-range of their best selling titles.



The more experienced producers among you will need no introduction to Zynaptiq and their award-winning range of plugins. For many producers worldwide Zynaptiq are the first port of call for all of their sound-sculpting needs. Their most popular product is ‘Adaptiverb‘ a reverb plug-in like no other. It auto-magically adapts to your audio and blends with perfection, it doesn’t clutter up your mix and it’s so organically smooth it’s as if your sounds had a longer sustain to begin with. And thanks to Zynaptiq’s Black Friday deals you can now grab Adaptiverb for only £135! Or you can combine it with ‘Wormhole‘, and ‘Morph 2‘ in the design bundle for only £391 (total combined product value is £541)!

Gothic Instruments

2017 was a great year for Gothic Instruments. The release of titles such ‘DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres‘, ‘SCULPTOR Epic Drops‘, ‘DRONAR Dark Synthesis‘, and ‘DRONAR Live Strings, introduced even more users to their powerful Kontakt sound design tools. Could they celebrate such a fantastic year with a generous sale? Composers and producers alike are no doubt hoping so!

Update: Gothic Instruments have announced the following Black Friday deals:

Cinematic Atmospheres


For more Black Friday deals on brands such as Rob Papen, Zero-G, FabFilter, and more click here.

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