Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 – the ultimate Tracker test

Toontrack is changing the game with Superior Drummer 3. There are so many amazing features within the software that it’s hard to pick and choose which to focus on. The Tracker is one of these features that is certainly turning heads.

The Tracker software analyses drum tracks – either stereo bounces, or individual mic tracks, and converts the grooves into MIDI notes, using similar drum samples and velocities to retain some of the soul and authenticity from your drummer. You can take your garage drums to pro-studio in a couple of clicks.

Superior Drummer 3 Tracker


AskAudio’s Shane Berry put the Tracker to the test this week by recording… a cardboard box, a pan lid and some chopsticks… Click here to check out their audio wizardry.

The 'Drum Kit' in question...
AskAudio’s ‘Drum Kit’…

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