iZotope RX 6 audio repair software – the press verdict

iZotope RX 6 reviewsOriginally released in 2008 iZotope’s RX audio repair software quickly became an indispensable tool for anyone working with audio.

Over the last few years, its updates have provided a wide range of new, innovative features which revolutionised the world of audio repair and drastically reduced the amount of time it took to fix broken audio. Whether it be background noise from a noisy AC unit in a recording session, rustling between a lav mic and clothing, or even Mother Nature making too much noise in the background, it seems there’s nothing RX in its various versions can’t handle.

The latest update – RX 6 – was released in April bringing with it breathtaking new technologies to solve some of the biggest post-production issues. It also delivered a new repair tools designed specifically for dialogue and vocals, plus a highly useful De-bleed module making RX 6 more useful to musicians as well. Unsurprisingly, users including the audio team behind HBO’s Game of Thrones and top studios such as Real World Studios as well as the press love it, here’s a quick round-up of just a handful of some of the top reviews…

iZotope RX 6
While some of the new modules might seem at first glance to be merely refinements of existing features, in practice most offer significantly improved performance, along with much greater flexibility. And Dialog Isolate and De-bleed really do take audio repair to the next level. RX6 should be part of any audio engineer’s collection of tools, and with the various versions available, there’s no excuse not to have at least some of its features available for cleaning up your tracks and making them shine!” – AskAudio

Music Tech Excellence AwardIf you work in post, RX will already be a part of your daily workflow, and the new modules offered by version 6 will undoubtedly make your dialogue cleaner than ever before. The real game-changer, though, is the number of new modules also added to RX6 Standard that will undoubtedly pique the interest of the more ‘occasional’ music user.
Certainly, having access to RX has fixed a wealth of audio problems I’ve been presented with throughout the years, so it’s great to see the application being even more accessible to music users, as well as addressing their specific audio-restoration needs.” – MusicTech

I haven’t had that long to get to grips with RX6 but I have to say it is a huge release. They have added so many new features, some of which I have covered in my video review. Working mainly in audio post production, for me the De-rustle, De-wind and Dialogue Isolate are incredible. I had to clean up a video of a baptism on a beach that was originally recorded on a VHS camcorder and then transferred onto DVD with the low frequencies filtered off but there was still some higher frequency wind noise left. I thought that De-wind wouldn’t be able to fix it, but it did! The dialogue was also embedded in a lot of background noise and instead of de-noising it, I just ran it through Dialogue Isolate, job done!” – ProToolsExpert

Computer Music Performance AwardWe didn’t think it could get any better than RX 5, but we were wrong – there´s seemingly nothing RX 6 can´t do when it comes to sorting out sub-par recordings and spectral manipulation.Yes, it´s full marks once again for iZotope´s unassailable restoration suite. How could it not be? Everything that was already in place is still as powerful and relevant as it was when RX 5 hit the streets, and the new stuff added for RX 6 is simply knock out.” – Computer Music Magazine

iZotope is an undisputed champion of creative audio tools for music and post-production. Their products allow users of every skill level to tackle the most challenging sonic obstacles with relative ease and speed, and always produce spectacular-sounding results[…] With RX 6, iZotope continues to expand upon what was already one of the best-value audio production suites on the market. It is an absolute must-have set of tools in my personal arsenal. It’s also encouraging to see iZotope listen to their user community and expand their products to suit the needs of those work with them every day!

FM Platinum AwardRX 6 is all about efficiency, and with the wealth of newly added features, I’m able to accomplish the task at hand, return my audio to Pro Tools and move on with incredible speed. I’m continually impressed with the new modules iZotope creates for the RX suite, all of which are sure to make every audio-post engineer’s job easier and less stressful. Well done iZotope!” – Sonic Scoop

Again iZotope move the RX platform forward to a place ahead of any competition. A truly powerful, innovative and intuitive toolset.” – Future Music

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