SCULPTOR Epic Drops by Gothic Instruments – The Sounds

Drops (also known as falls, downers and power-downs) are an essential feature of dance music and trailer soundtracks and this latest release from Gothic Instruments gives you the means to create them in an instant.

Developed for the full version of Kontakt, SCULPTOR Epic Drops is the fourth module in Gothic Instruments’ high-quality series of FX tools, following on from the particularly perfect companion library – Epic Risers, and other previous releases – Live Impacts and Massive Whooshes.

With this incredibly easy-to-use sound design package, you can create an epic drop or fall with just the press of a key, or, if you prefer, dive in deeper and tweak, blend and sculpt to make your sound truly unique.

The sound design wizard behind the raw audio – Alessandro Camnasio – gives us the low down on the audio inside this innovative drops creator and suggests how it can be used…

SCULPTOR Epic Drops Epic Drops can be used to enhance big breaks and drums. Drops (aka downers) are an important sound design element in trailer music, often put at the end of a section or even as part of the rhythmic build-up. When I worked on the raw sounds for this instrument, I was also aiming to create something that had a cinematic quality and could blend well with moving images, not just as power downs and energy discharges but also to underline certain moments, like slow motion, epic jumps, and other dramatic actions. So I think it can provide a valuable tool for electronic musicians, game and trailer music composers/sound designers, and sound designers working in media productions.

Alessandro Camnasio - sculptor epic drops sound designerThe raw sounds I created for Epic Drops range from synthetic to real sources, often heavily processed to make them more interesting and powerful. So you’ll find gritty, smooth and bold synth sounds, cutting-edge and futuristic textures, things that could be defined as tape-stops on stereoids, energy discharges, and so on.

Of course, in true SCULPTOR style, you can use the host of simple sculpting tools to shape, blend and manipulate Alessandro’s sounds to create drops and falls to suit your project perfectly – be it a dance music drop to excite and energise your listeners or to enhance the impact of moving images.

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