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Audiomodern's Max MillionAudiomodern was founded in 2014 by composer, sound designer, and developer Max Million. Together with a team of highly skilled worldwide artists and sound designers, the company aims to create, develop and deliver custom tools for audio production and music composition while building a strong network with people who share the same passion as theirs. Audiomodern remains dedicated to the creative-process in order to explore further frontiers of sound design.

To celebrate Audiomodern products arriving at Time+Space, we thought we’d have a chat to find out a bit more about them.

Hi Max, how did Audiomodern come about and who are the people behind the brand?

Audiomodern was founded and incorporated in late 2014 in Athens, Greece and we’re currently working with many partners from around the globe. Our philosophy is to create and deliver custom tools for audio production, and music composition.

Most of us come from a composing/producing background, others have PhDs, others have experience with record labels, but most of us are somewhere in the middle. We have been growing very fast over the last couple of years and our team of musicians, professional sound designers, and developers is expanding. We remain dedicated to the creative process in order to put as much quality as we can in each and every project.

Your slogan is “Passion for unique innovative sound”, can you tell us a bit more about some of these innovations? 

Our team is focused on the creation of unique, contemporary tools for audio production and music composition. We are all passionate about innovative sound and technology, and our goal is to create modern audio tools that will be able to contribute to the evolution of art. We have already created some modules that are the only available product of their kind. Such as the Random Generators, the Sync series, Atom and so on.


Which product are you most proud of?

I’ll have to choose “Atom”. It is one of our best products to date, and we have received a huge amount of positive feedback from users, and professionals, of many fields.

We believe Atom has quickly become a standard plugin to go to when you’re in need of really unique sounds, soundscapes, organic keys and otherworldly tones. It’s also great for special sound effects, impressive impacts for cinematic sound design and other media projects. One key fact is that a user can quickly create custom sounds that stand out, due to the fact that we focused on creating a really easy-to-work-with user interface. With Atom we feel the possibilities for users are endless.

What’s the biggest challenge Audiomodern has faced so far?

To prove ourselves on the market and earn the trust of our customers.


In a world full of software and plugins, what makes Audiomodern products stand out?

It is our balance between the artistic and the technical approach of our tools and libraries. We try to put 50% art and 50% technology into each one of our products in order to keep a 50/50 balance and get the best of both worlds.

If you could recommend only one Audiomodern product to someone, which one would it be and why?

Again, I would recommend Atom. Atom took us more than two years of collecting sounds for this project, many months of coding for the plugin and a lot of time to finally blend the sounds together to create interesting presets.

We worked with many different types of equipment on this project including both hardware and software. From custom-made contact mics, custom-made musical instruments, experimental circuits, and Max patches, to top-notch analogue studio gear. We even used malfunctioning gear and some WWII Weaponry as well.

Since day one the concept behind Atom was to blend organic sounds and recordings, with experimental synthetic sound design techniques to achieve the most interesting and musical sounds we could.

The way we worked was basically the same as how we’ve worked on all of our projects. It required thousands of recordings and keeping only the 10%-20% that were truly worth putting on the instrument.
We always aim to get the most out of every sound and to offer highly original and inspiring audio content. Every sound must be as usable, fresh, and musical as humanly possible.

How do you decide which product you want to create next?

It all comes down to the experience of our team. We are all skilled musicians and producers, therefore, we always search for what the market is lacking. When we find something that is missing from the market, we create it. We take pride in creating an instrument plugin that is the only one available of its kind.

What’s the best feedback you’ve ever received from a user?

It’s always great to get good reviews from customers. I’m not sure if I can mention names, but a very well known guitarist/composer, who is also a member of a major rock band, sent us his new video-game score which was composed with Audiomodern tools.

What’s next for Audiomodern?

At the moment we’re working on several different projects. We are working on some new expansion packs for Atom, but also a very interesting new project coming around December ’17. Also, we are collaborating with a major company on a big new project, but I can not give you any more details at this point.

We look forward to finding out more, thanks Max!

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