Pete Townshend reveals why he loves Softube’s Console One

Softube ‘Console 1’ is an integrated hardware/software centrepiece which works in tandem with your DAW. It takes the quick and intuitive workflow of a digital mixer and pairs that with the great sound of an analogue Solid State Logic SL 4000 E mixer. On the hardware, you select the track you want to work with and then you adjust the equaliser, compressor, gate and saturation settings using physical knobs and buttons. So: Select a track, tweak the knobs. Select another track, tweak the knobs – that´s essentially how you use Console 1.

Softube console 1 MK2It’s this ease of use, and the high-quality results you get with it that has lead to it attracting many admirers. Sound on Sound stated that it brings “not only the sound of a top-class mixer channel strip, but also its ergonomics. It has the potential to make more of a difference to your mixing process than you’d expect!” Grammy award-winning producer Michael Brauer, who’s worked with the likes of John Mayer and Coldplay, is also a big fan of the design saying “Console 1 lets me have the hands-on feel of analogue, without losing the flexibility of the digital world. It is the centrepiece of my hybrid mix room.”

Its latest fan is the legendary Peter Townshend. He was the driving creative force behind ‘The Who’, and is widely considered as one of the most influential songwriters and guitarists in rock ‘n’ roll. Pete, who is also an avid fan of Synthogy Ivory II Pianos, recently invited Softube to his studio to declare his love for his “main mixing tool” the Console 1. Have a look at what Pete had to say in the video below or click here to find out more about Softube Console 1


Posted by Melanie Doidge

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