iZotope Ozone 7 mastering software – which option is for me?

With iZotope Ozone 7 Elements at 75% off this weekend, it would be madness not to pick up at a copy at this amazing price. If you’re questioning what level of iZotope Ozone 7 is most suitable for you, then read on for the breakdown of all three levels – Elements, Ozone, and Advanced.


Ozone 7 Elements
Ozone Elements is the most basic entry in the Ozone family. With just over 70 presets it is the lightest on ‘out of the box’ content. The controls for the modules have simplified macro controls, perfect for those that have a small amount of experience with signal processing. You won’t have access to any of iZotopes ‘Vintage’ modules, however depending on the preset that you’re using you will have access to a variety of standard processing modules, although the signal chain will be fixed. Coming in over the weekend at £21.95 this is an absolute bargain for those looking to do some simple mastering on any of their tracks.




Ozone 7
A significantly expansion compared to Elements, this is the plugin most musicians will be looking for. 190+ presets and a standalone application mean that you can dive deeper into your music than ever before. The presets are appropriate for both individual instrument processing, busses, and mastering, so you could conceivably mix an entire track using nothing but Ozone. Controls are expanded to give you full access to each module parameter, and the signal flow is now fully customisable with 8 processing modules at your disposal. As an added bonus, the Vintage Limiter is available to users.



Ozone 7 Advanced
The full version of Ozone Elements, with everything that you’ve previously seen you will get another 70+ presets, access to 3 more Vintage Modules (EQ, Compressor and Tape), and access to 10 component Plugins that you can use independently outside of the Ozone plugin. You’ll also get the iZotope Insight Metering Suite to make sure that you’re tracks are all at the perfect loudness for whatever projects you’re working on. This is the plugin for the Mastering aficionado.




Ozone 7, in any of its forms, is a powerful tool for any musician and audio editor to have in their arsenal. Whether you’re using presets, or customising your own signal processing, there is an Ozone that is perfect for you.


Posted by Garrick Wareham

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