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Keyscape press verdict

Autumn 2016 brought a whole host of great plugins, libraries, and virtual instruments to our doorsteps – and we would dare anyone to disagree that Spectrasonics Keyscape wouldn’t be in the top 5! After ten years of research and development, Spectrasonics might well have produced the Holy Grail of keyboard samples. With a depth of content taking you from the most sought-after Grand Piano models, through uprights and electronic keyboards, all the way to some stunningly unique and rare keyboards – you will never be left wanting.

The unparalleled flexibility of Keyscape doesn’t stop at the amount, or attention and depths of the sampled instruments though. Although the interface provides a variety of controls unique to each keyboard the real power comes from the Hybrid Duo sounds. Pair two keyboards and let them complement and contrast until you reach the perfect timbre.

But wait, there’s more!

Spectrasonics has implemented full integration of the Keyscapes library and interface into Omnisphere. Allowing you to implement the routing, and amazing sound morphing capabilities synonymous of Omnisphere in your keyboard and piano performances, the only limit to the pairing is literally your imagination.

With the amount of usability, and with the sonic chops to back it up, it’s no surprise that the compliments, great reviews, and acclaim have been flooding in on all sides.


Music Tech Excellence
“Keyscape is a real labour of love, offering a definitive set of sampled keyboard instruments that´s both responsive to your playing and inspiring to use… Ultimately though, my real delight [in Keyscape] was in playing the instrument, getting lost in the same way you would if you had a Grand Piano in the corner of your studio, or a Fender Rhodes… “

– Rated: 10/10, Music Tech Mag 


“The quality, diversity, playability and creative potential of the included instruments is staggering. I think Keyscape is magnificent, authentic, definitive and inspirational library which is unlikely to be surpassed in my lifetime.” Sound on Sound

“I´m essentially a pianist so I´ve got more or less every piano library known to man (and a V Piano…. AND a real Grand)… but there´s something VERY special about Keyscapes… the clarity, pureness and detail in the samples is extraordinary….  there are definitely some very special sounds in there.”

– UK composer, Ty Unwin


Computer Music awards
“Keyscape puts an incredible array of beautifully emulated keyboard instruments at your fingertips with high quality effects to match…  Keyscape is almost impossible not to fall in love with. The care, attention to sonic detail and passion that have been poured into it are palpable at every turn…”

– Computer Music


“Spectrasonics Keyscape is a comprehensive collection of gorgeous musical and authentic keyboard instruments.The Omnisphere 2 can be elegantly dealt with by anyone who has a sense of the eclipses of these sounds. Bravo!”

–  Keys Musik und Computer 


“Spectrasonics have done it again. Unbelievable quality, variety, and superb sounds that will suit a complex mix as well as a more exposed solo instrument track. How can you not love this plug in.”

– Steven A Williams: Producer – Chapel Studios London

“Spectrasonics assembled the most sought after instruments they could find, painstakingly captured every tonal subtlety and noise, mapped the results, and delivered a sample library like no other. Without exception, playing every instrument is as close to playing the real thing as technology can muster. If you enjoy playing keyboards, you’ll love Keyscape.”

– E Musician

“Once you hear it, Keyscape is simply a must-have. Owning that amazing Yamaha C7, the classic Rhodes, Wurlys, Clavs, and the vintage exotic keyboards together make for quite an arsenal. As a keyboard player you will get a ton of mileage and inspiration with Keyscape.”

– Worship Fuel

“Keyscape doesn’t live up to expectations, it shatters them with wanton abandon Every time I loaded up a patch and dove deeper down the ‘rabbit hole’ of Keyscape’s sampling, behaviour and FX modelling system I found myself giddy with delight… It’s one of the finest tools that will sit in any keyboardist’s toolbox.”

– AskAudio 


“Everything sounds absolutely gorgeous, and you’re going to hear keyboards you’ve literally never heard before… For a combination of recognisable keyboards, alongside fresh, unique tones – all immensely responsive and playable, you are absolutely not going to beat Keyscape. Spectrasonics have outdone themselves.”

– Audio News Room 

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