How to succeed and make money from writing library music

Anyone who has picked up an issue of Sound on Sound magazine lately, may have read one of the new series of excellent articles all about the library music industry – from how to get started and how business models differ around the globe, to how to be a good library music writer and beyond.

The writer behind these highly comprehensive (4,000-words!) features is Dan Graham – owner of music library company Gothic Storm and co-founder of Gothic Instruments whose DRONAR and SCULPTOR series of sound design tools regularly feature in the Time+Space best sellers list.

Gothc Instruments


This SOS Library Music series is incredibly useful to anyone starting out in this area of the industry, and indeed, for any writers who are looking to increase their income from it, but in short, what are Dan’s Top 5 tips for anyone looking to write and submit tracks for library music catalogues?

We got in touch with him to find out…


Dan Graham’s Top 5 Tips

Dan Graham
Dan Graham

1. Listen to a lot of music on library music websites and make sure your music is as good or better

2. Talk to a lot of library music writers via composer forums and try to get advice and tips from them

3. Find contact details, ideally with the personal name of the person who listens to music

4. Write a very polite email quickly explaining your previous work and provide a link to 10 tracks on a streaming platform

5. If you get no reply keep politely following up very 2 weeks until you get a reply


You can read the first three articles in the series on the Sound on Sound website (subscription required to read the full features) or check out the latest issue in shops now.

For more information about Gothic Instruments sound design tools click here


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