Comparing the sounds of Synthogy’s Ivory II pianos

Synthogy’s range of Ivory II pianos are by far some of the most deeply sampled instruments ever; the team are entirely dedicated to delivering the world’s best and rarest pianos in virtual format, allowing any musician or producer to experience the stunning sounds of these world-class pianos without worrying about lack of realism & playability.

With the release of Studio Grands just a few weeks ago, the range now consists of 5 products, and many will be pleased to hear that an iLok key is no longer required for authorisation:

Some of you who are on the edge of buying your first Ivory II piano may be wondering which one to go for and what to look out for in tone and timbre so we’ve put together this video demonstrating the sounds of each piano in all 5 products. Take a look below!

Click here to view all Synthogy Ivory II pianos

Posted by Jamie Farrington

After studying music for 12 years as a tuba and piano player, I was eventually introduced to the studio a few years ago and it opened my eyes to a whole new side of music. Since then I've been producing and recording all sorts of music, with my main interest being in ambient and experimental electronic music. Working at Time+Space has enabled me to work with some great musicians, composers, producers and above all, some amazing software!


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