DRONAR: Live Strings – you share your verdicts…

It’s been just over a month since the release of Gothic Instruments’ newest library in the DRONAR series: Live Strings Module, a stunning and highly playable collection of pads and atmosphere creator for Kontakt.

We’ve been having lots of fun playing with it and it seems those of you who have bought it already are equally impressed. Here’s a collection of quotes from some of the customer reviews we’ve received so far, just in case some of you are still debating whether to make the leap (trust us, you won’t regret it!)…

“This is a FANTASTIC library if you’re looking to add some new colours to your Strings pallet.” – mjsinay

“This product is beautiful and will accomplish what would take hours of preparation and imagination in just seconds.”Da Archangels

” Mesmerizing, Hypnotic, and just plain incredible.”DARKMOOD

“A great value addition to my collection of synth libraries needed for pad type sounds.” – Multipdf

“From gorgeous live strings to warped and mashed sounds, Dronar Live Strings are superb for that unusual audio track you are looking to be different from main stream music.”AMBIOSIS

“It’s very tweakable and can be set up easily to get a sound that fits. I like that I can choose to use Hi,Mid or low strings together or independently.” – Michael

“Very inspiring and easy to lay down a bed of chords and just add a melody to make very useful soundtrack music. […] Overall a very useful expansion perhaps the most practical module released for Dronar thus far although all have their appeal.” Anonymous

“I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody who wants to add extra layers (many!) or create strings in a slightly more edgy less classical manner. Great fun!”Littleal

I’ve only scratched the surface of what Dronar Live Strings is capable of, but so far it delivers; huge, detailed and evocative sweeps and drones at the push of a key. If a novice like myself can make epic sounds who knows what a competent musician will be able to do with it.” – Seb

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