Master your mix this March with iZotope’s new video series and big savings

iZotope have kicked off their March ‘Master The Mix’ campaign with a highly intuitive series of videos featuring tips and tricks to take your mixes and masters to the next level. To coincide with this, the Boston-based audio experts have also announced big discounts on a selection of their industry-leading music production tools including 20% off Ozone 7 mastering suite and the new and revolutionary mixing console – Neutron. Always keen to treat their customers well, iZotope are also giving its existing product users the chance to save as much as 60%. On top of this, with every purchase, you’ll receive a handy pack of video tutorials from Groove 3, completely free!

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The team over at iZotope are always eager to share their knowledge of mixing and mastering with the world, and this new video series will teach you how to make your production process easier, more creative and will allow you to get professional results faster. Watch the four part series below and learn!

Part 1: Correcting Lead Vocal Sibilance in Neutron

The first instalment of the series shows you how to use Neutron’s de-esser tool to fix sibilance issues & shows how Track Assistant can be used to suggest subtle changes in EQ & compression to correct harsh consonant sounds in vocals.

Part 2: Fixing Low-End Muddiness in Neutron

In part 2, we learn all about how to use Neutron’s EQ Masking features to visualise & separate similar bass frequencies between kick drums and bass sounds.

Part 3: Mixing Background Vocals in Neutron

The 3rd addition to the series teaches us how to avoid frequency interference when mixing lead & background vocals, as well as how to tame resonant peaks in mid-range vocals.

Part 4: Creative Mastering in Ozone 7

The final video in the series shows us how to get  a head start on mastering using the excellent presets in Ozone 7, as well as using the Imager to widen the stereo width and using multiband compression to let your mix shine through!

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After studying music for 12 years as a tuba and piano player, I was eventually introduced to the studio a few years ago and it opened my eyes to a whole new side of music. Since then I've been producing and recording all sorts of music, with my main interest being in ambient and experimental electronic music. Working at Time+Space has enabled me to work with some great musicians, composers, producers and above all, some amazing software!


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