Kick off 2017 with some new skills thanks to iZotope’s FREE mixing tutorial series

iZotope Mixing TipsFollowing the hugely successful launch of their Neutron mixing plugin last year, it’s clear that iZotope know a thing or two about mixing and the needs of producers, so much so they have launched the first in a new series of free mixing tutorial videos.

Mix Resolutions – 10 Tips for Creating Better Mixes in 2017 is hosted by iZotope’s Director of Education Jonathan Wyner and Engineer/Producer Enrique Gonzalez Müller (Kronos Quartet, Nine Inch Nails, Los Amigos Invisibles, Jason Newsted).

Each week, the duo will share some top mixing tips which have been compiled in a chronological order that map the workflow that Enrique would typically use, thereby making the subject less overwhelming and easier to understand.

Week 1 kicked things off with some guidance on developing good mix habits, you can sign up here to receive the videos direct to your inbox week-by-week or stay tuned to this page and we’ll embed each one as it is released.

Week 2 continues this, with some guidance on balancing like a music lover, not like an engineer!

Week 3 is here to teach you all about tackling gain staging and using reference recordings. With these next two tips learn the importance of gain staging, paying attention to your levels, and how to choose a reference mix. Pro Tip is: Choose something that will not only test the playback system but that will test you!

Another week, another video! And week 4 aims to teach you how to work within a finite frequency real estate and safeguard your balance by compensating the output.

In the final instalment of this incredibly useful series, Jonathan and Enrique cover concepts rather than hands-on examples. Starting with taking a break, getting some perspective, defending your craft, and then doing the whole process all over again.


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As someone who qualified with a Diploma in Digital Marketing, working for Time+Space has shown itself to be the chance of a lifetime, and the array of fantastic opportunities has increased my already colossal love for music and my interest in the way it's created. Working with a variety of brands who consistently produce new and exciting products makes for a mass of things I want to shout about!


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  1. It would have been better if the track was featured to hear the changes not through the guys mic’s, enjoyable though.

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