Drum and Bass artist Metrik talks Toontrack

Metrik (Aka Tom Mundell) was drawn into Drum n Bass from a young age due to its clinical precision and emotive compositions.
Within this world he discovered a deep resonance with the pairing of man and machine. A marriage of man-made instruments manipulated by samplers, computers and effects plugins; overlaid with synthetic noises comprised of ones and zeros.Metrik released his first EP back in 2010 and since then has collaborated with many people, including house singer Kathy Brown, and has remixed many tracks from the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Martin Garrix, Ellie Goulding and Gorgon City, to name but a few.

Metrik has recently been given an impressive residency slot at Radio 1, in which he aims to take listeners on a journey through the best in cutting-edge drum & bass; from jump up to liquid, and everything in-between.

Metrik is a big fan of Toontrack software and, in a recent interview with the Swedish developers, he explains how his music was influenced by bands and artists such as Depeche Mode, U2, Gary Numan, New Order, Joy Division etc. “This definitely helped shape what I make today.” he says.

Metrik’s passion and interest in both technology and music also drove him to produce electronic music. “I first heard electronic music when I was about twelve. I was in awe of the huge-sounding, emotive symphonies produced by machines. There was something very futuristic about it. At the time I was playing guitars, drums and doing vocals in bands but I was always very restless, not content with settling on one role. Electronic music allowed me to be the entire band. The possibilities it opened up were endless and very exciting. Drum & Bass is the perfect vehicle for my ideas as it is such a versatile genre.

EZkeysTalking about how Toontrack products fit into his songwriting process, Metrik describes how EZkeys has helped him to lay down piano parts which he could otherwise not play to an acceptable standard. “Often I can start a track with some awesome chords, I can then use the plugin to emulate a person playing those chords on the piano. The results are really convincing and help give the track a “live” feel. ”

Wrapping up the interview, Metrik also claims that Superior Drummer 2 is the best plugin he’s ever used for drums, “The drum sounds in this plugin are amazingly well recorded and engineered, so they instantly sound good in a track. This is essential when you want to get instant results.”

To read the full interview, click here to be taken to the Toontrack site.

Click here to be taken to Metrik’s Radio 1 channel

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