Native Instruments reveal ‘Komplete Sketches’

NI Komplete SketchesLeading software and hardware manufacturers Native Instruments recently launched a project in which they challenged 24 contemporary producers to create a quick sketch using only instruments and effects from KOMPLETE 11.

NI KOMPLETE is the world’s leading collection for production, performance, and sound design. It consists of a huge range of software instruments and effects, all designed to facilitate professional music production across various styles and genres. It is available in 3 different versions:

KOMPLETE 11 SELECT: A wide-ranging music production suite for all genres. This premium package includes 11 full products, over 2,500 sounds, and over 25 GB of instruments and effects – the perfect gateway to the world of KOMPLETE.Komplete 11

KOMPLETE 11: Featuring 45 products with over 13,000 sounds and 155GB+ of instruments and effects, this package provides limitless sonic inspiration for all genres and production tasks.

KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE: The supreme music production suite. With 87 products, over 18,000 sounds, and over 500 GB of instruments and effects, this is the ultimate resource for professional production, scoring, performance, and sound design.


Click the link below for the playlist of all 24 ‘sketches’ including each artist’s explanation of how they produced their sketch. The 25th artist in the series is filmmaker Rainer Kohlberger, who brought each sketch to life with generative visuals.

Visit the NI website here:






Posted by Jamie Farrington

After studying music for 12 years as a tuba and piano player, I was eventually introduced to the studio a few years ago and it opened my eyes to a whole new side of music. Since then I've been producing and recording all sorts of music, with my main interest being in ambient and experimental electronic music. Working at Time+Space has enabled me to work with some great musicians, composers, producers and above all, some amazing software!


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  1. This looks like a great way to spark inspiration or even breath new life into a project that may feel too safe. The fact that the artists are able to explain their ‘sketch’ will also make for some interesting insights into different processes and ears.

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