“Wow, wow, wow!” Composer Ty Unwin shares his thoughts on DRONAR: Guitarscapes

Ty_Unwin_BlogIt’s been a week since we released Gothic Instruments DRONAR: Guitarscapes and the response from the many users who have already purchased it has been incredible. This powerful, easy-to-use guitar-based pad, soundscapes and atmosphere creator has been described by Resident Advisor as sounding like “a labour of love” whilst over on The Samplecast, presenter Reuben Cornell said, “It is gorgeous and the sounds are so tweakable.”

When DRONAR: Hybrid Module was released back in February, UK composer Ty Unwin, who is currently working on a top-secret project with Ultravox’s Midge Ure and whose music has featured on TV series’ including Vikings and A History of Ancient Britain, kindly reviewed it for the T+S blog, remarking that it was “amazingly beautiful” and “incredible”. We were excited to hear his thoughts on Guitarscapes and when we received an email with the words “Love it, love it, love it” we couldn’t resist asking Ty to once again put his thoughts into a review for us. Over to Ty…

“I’ve not hidden the fact that Dronar Hybrid has become a favourite library of mine since it came out…. treading that thin line between being a “quick fix” and an incredibly individual creative tool perfectly. For me the two big tests are A, does a library make it into your “go to” template and B, how many patches made it into tracks in the first week. The answer to these was “yes” and “loads”!

And NOW Guitarscapes is here and all I can say (again!) is wow, wow, WOW!!  Same questions… same answers!! It’s easy to say “more of the same but now with an ambient guitar leaning” and in lots of ways, that’s right… but there’s more to this library than that. There’s a GENUINE musicality about this library. Firstly the rhythmic element has been expanded and developed, and this adds a whole new layer, giving patches even MORE movement. Talking of layers, the high, mid, low layering system seems to make even more sense with this new sample set…. it is INCREDIBLY musical and if you assign the levels to midi controls (alongside the intensity and movement levels) you can literally PLAY the timbres like an instrument, shaping every note and texture in amazing detail… I just need more hands!!!

This is the kind of ambient guitar library that quite a few companies have promised in the past and never quite delivered… but for me this one is TOTALLY on the money and is full of the kind of sounds that would take a huge amount of talent, time, effort, and effects pedals to recreate… and they are all at your fingertips! For me, this HAS to be up there as one of the best libraries of the year.”DRONAR Guitarscapes

Thank you Ty, praise indeed!

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