Toontrack release Dream Pop EZX – we see what’s inside…

Dream Pop MainThis week Toontrack released the latest addition to their EZdrummer 2 line: Dream Pop EZX, an exciting new expansion pack that combines acoustic, electronic and natural sounding percussion to create a truly unique and real sound.

Since the release of EZdrummer, there have been 30 additional libraries added to the line and this expansion is one of the most unique and impressive yet, raising the bar of modern pop production. Let’s take a closer look.

Produced by Addeboy vs. Cliff and Mattias Eklund, with 29 preset kits, just under 250 instruments and endless combinations of sounds, this expansion certainly goes further than kicks, hi-hats and snares. The organic drums are a collection of multi-sampled hits recorded on a vintage Gretsch Round Badge kit which has been carefully designed and layered to ensure perfection when it comes to building your own kit.

Moving onto the electronic percussion, these have all been built up using a huge analogue modular synthesizer which introduced possibilities to create a set of completely new sounding hybrids, essential for anyone trying to develop an original sound.

What makes this instrument even more versatile is the fact that it’s not just limited to standard percussive sounds, the sound design team have gone out into the environment of northern Sweden, of all places, to capture a variety of sound effects and foley recordings, using a wide set of natural elements such as gravel, branches and water to mention but a few. On top of this, they have also created a library of atmospheric chromatic soundscapes and a set of filter loops, adding even more variety to this multi-instrument.

“Creating each preset has literally been like writing a song, from start to finish. To me, this product is just as much about music as it is about drums” – Mattias Eklund, head of Sound Design at Toontrack


The interface of this product has a really satisfying look with an interactive layout, offering much more than just a standard drum kit; fit with a hex pad wall, each pad assignable to the hundreds of different instruments that Dream Pop EZX has to offer. Not only that but pretty much any item you can see on the interface is an instrument, including the stool, the drawers under the modular system and the plant pot!

We provided a copy of Dream Pop EZX to Rekkerd and asked them to let us know what they think of it:

The Dream Pop EZX is the culmination of when cutting-edge sound design comes to a head with convention and creates something entirely new”

Click here to read the full review

Overall this product gets a big thumbs up from us; a new and diverse take on virtual drum production that has so much to offer, whether you’re into pop, hip-hop, R&B, EDM or experimental, the list is endless; this is the virtual drummer you’ve been looking for.

Click here for full details, audio demos and videos for the Dream Pop EZX

     To get an idea of what Dream Pop EZX has to offer, watch the walkthrough video below

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