TEC Awards 2017 nominations announced

TEC MainThe nominees for the 32nd Annual NAMM Technical Excellence and Creativity Awards have been selected and 3 of our brands have managed to score up a total of 6 different nominations this year.

The TEC awards are an annually held ceremony that recognises the technical innovations and creative achievements of companies and individuals. The upcoming awards will be held on the 21st of January 2017 where there are 31 different categories of technical and creative achievement, with 6 different nominees to each category.

In previous years several of our brands including Synthogy, iZotope, Spectrasonics and Native Instruments have won awards for categories such as Musical Instrument Software and this year we are excited to see Output and Softube among the nominees as well as several nominations for iZotope software…

Let’s take a closer look at those T+S nominated products…


Best Musical Instrument Software

Output: Exhale

Powerful modern vocal engine for modern music productions, film scores and sound design.

Exhale really enables you to play with vocalisations, creating sounds that barely hint at human involvement, or sounds that drive the rhythm of the piece with sharp vocal cuts at the centre. Once again, a massive triumph for Output.”- Audio News Room

Best Signal Processing Software (Dynamics/EQ/Utilities) 

iZotope: Ozone 7 Advanced

“It seems that iZotope has done it again. Ozone continues to democratise the dark art of mastering and, with its outstanding module designs and helpful presets, really does put pro results within the reach of users at pretty much all levels.”- Music Radar

iZotope RX 5 Audio Editor

Professional level audio editing software; improve the quality of your audio by enhancing, repairing and restoring with this impressive toolset.

“RX 5 is the most sonically and time-effective tool available to the post-production fraternity.”- MusicTech.net

Best Signal Processing Software (Vocals)

iZotope- Vocal Synth

“Vocal Synth is a great all in effects processor for vocals, especially when you want those robotic vocal effects like Vocoding, LPC processing, Talkbox voices & synthetic harmonies.[…] It’s hard to compare this with other plugins in the market as there really isn’t an all in one solution like this.”- AskAudio

Softube- Fix Flanger and Doubler

A plug-in package that handles hands-on flanging with unique stereo widening methods, as well as vocal doubling with lush chorus and rich textures.

“The Fix Flanger just sounds right. It’s not artificial or cold, it’s full and inviting. The Fix Doubler has a magic way of making stuff bigger, especially in the stereo field, in a way nothing else does.” Reid Shippen, Seven times Grammy Award winner.

Best Audio Education Technology

iZotope Pro Audio Essentials

A free online game-based education tool that offers interactive audio training for music producers. Contents include in-depth tutorial videos, ear training and challenging audio games.

Try your hand at the free online course here

Best of luck to all of our nominees!

Posted by Melanie Doidge

Having worked in marketing for over fifteen years with experience in various industries, Time+Space and the world of music production continues to be the most exciting of them all. With our brands consistently pushing the boundaries of technology with their products, the terrific DJs, Composers and Producers using them and the feedback from magazines and our customers, there's always plenty to tell the world about. Musical experience? I reached Grade 6 in piano back in my school days and am currently in the throes of trying to resurrect my abilities!

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