Introducing Spectrasonics Keyscape

Over the last several days, many of us have been teased to the edge of our seats, waiting for Spectrasonics to finally reveal what they are calling The Fourth Instrument.

I saw one comment on Twitter yesterday which summed it all up for me. They said it felt like Christmas Eve, and they were full of excitement, waiting for Santa Spectrasonics to reveal the present!

It is my pleasure to give you a quick overview of the all-new Spectrasonics Keyscape, available from the 12th September.

Introducing Spectrasonics Keyscape

Top features of Keyscape at a glance

  • 10-year build, capturing every quirk, key and pedal noise of the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world. Some pianos even having years spent redoing the instrument just to get it totally ‘right’
  • Hundreds of patches all based on the 36 instrument modelsSpectrasonics Keyscape Interface
  • Hybrid ‘Duo’ Sounds, combining two of the 36 instrument models to create unique, and some of the most creative and inspiring sounds in Keyscape
  • Integration with Omnisphere 2 as a bonus, to allow users of both libraries to fully harness the synthesis power of the STEAM Engine®
  • Custom controls to manipulate each patch, far beyond the original sound
  • Imperfections and quirks to these collector instruments have been captured rather than cleaned up, to keep the vibe interesting
  • Software modelling has also been a focus, to ensure the authentic behaviour to the vintage amps, classic effects units and all of the unique subtleties have been captured as part of the dynamic expression
  • Huge 77GB library, with an optional ‘lite’ (30GB) installer for stage usage


Spectrasonics Keyscape in Omnisphere 2

What makes Keyscape special for Omnisphere 2 users?

Omnisphere to this point has mainly focused on having interesting, processed piano presets. With Keyscape being able to load into Omnisphere 2 as a satellite instrument, it is going to be a very powerful addition for any Omnisphere 2 user. By utilizing the STEAM Engine®, users will also be able to integrate both libraries and create even more custom presets, all hosted within Omnisphere 2.

How do I get Keyscape?

Keyscape is available to purchase as of the 12th September. Keyscape will be available to purchase from Time+Space as a boxed product (contents on a USB drive). More details about Spectrasonics Keyscape here.

If you haven’t watched it yet, grab a cup of tea and enjoy this great introduction video to Keyscape presented by Eric Persing:


Spectrasonics Keyscape Collage

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