Sam Spacey Epica Bass – what did the critics say?

Epica Bass Press verdictSince it was released late last year, Sam Spacey’s Epica Bass has been on the receiving end of floods of positive reviews and artist acclaim.

This dedicated analog bass synth library, from the same producer behind Zero-G’s award-winning Epica, contains 625 Epic instruments built from 26,657 24bit mono samples all 100% recorded from analogue synths and modulars. From the vintage Neve preamp and the UBK Fatso hardware to the boutique guitar distortion pedals and Kush Audio Elektra EQ’s, the gear involved in the making of this Kontakt instrument ensures that Epica Bass sits perfectly in the mix without the need to pile on plugins.

In the week that brings a brand new free update to the instrument to make it fully NKS compatible, we take a look at some of the reviews received so far from press and artists alike…


“The scripted Kontakt engine is impressive, featuring seven effects, a multimode filter, arpeggiator, scale filtering and modulators (three LFOs, three envelopes and velocity). Most pertinently, though, it also gives access to the sample playback start position, which can be modulated and even randomised. Epica Bass ably fulfils its straightforward remit and sounds lovely doing it.” – 8/10

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“We’ve been told, “it’s all about the bass”… and Sam Spacey’s Epica Bass puts a vintage, analogue slant on this thought by capturing some authentic legendary bass instruments for Kontakt users Epica Bass is a fantastic-sounding bass instrument that faithfully captures the power and feel of some legendary hardware units. Suitable for everything from EDM to krautrock and more experimental stuff, it’s approachable and easy to work with, and offers plenty of customization options. Best of all, it’s very reasonably priced so it’s not likely to break the bank.”





John B, D&B/Electronic music producer

“Absolutely a go-to synth for those multi-sampled analogue basses to properly take care of the guts of your subs. Using it in every track at the moment. Very useful indeed!”




“Sam’s approach to the detailed sampling also means that every effort has been made recreate the inherent variability in sound that an analogue synth produces. The front-end is something of a triumph, but, of course, while the interface is important, a virtual instrument really stands or falls based on its sound and, on that front, Epica Bass is an absolute triumph. These are some of the most convincing analogue bass sounds I’ve heard in software. There are some truly awesome presets offered, and the depth of sound, and the way the sounds seem to respond under the fingers, is very impressive. Epica Bass comes highly recommended.”


“Straight out of the box there are literally hundreds of great sounds here. There are simple monophonic basses right through to big layered polyphonic sounds. All the sounds are built from samples of real analogue synths, nothing virtual here, and they are characterful and powerful. Sam Spacey has gone out of his way to ensure that every sample has been recorded with a bespoke EQ and compression. Add to that the filtering and modulation possibilities within Epica Bass, and you have a very powerful set of sounds, easily controllable and programmable. Great stuff.” – 8.8/10


“Epica Bass never left me wanting. I’m very impressed with the layout, the quality of the samples, and the well thought-out programming of the presets. I have found use from so many of the presets already that I can imagine using it somewhere on every track. Honestly, I’m finding it hard to find fault in this library at all.”


roni-size-studio-tour-2--1429722782RONI SIZE, PRODUCER

“Epica Bass is a user-friendly bass mod that fills in the gaps in your mix. I’ve only had it for a few weeks but already it´s one of my go-to synths when you want to use something simple that’s less taxing on your creativity.”




Epica Bass Filter


“Sam Spacey hit the ball out the park with Epica Bass, I almost felt like I was playing a real analogue synth. Epica Bass samples are thicker compared to emulation synths, and the sounds have more weight without that metallic sound some emulation plugins have. The FXs and Arpeggio are an added treat that makes Epica Bass appealing. Is Epica Bass worth purchasing? Yes indeed. For the price, I can’t think of a better deal.” – 9.2/10



“It’s a very exciting instrument indeed. From its very conception, Epica Bass has designed as an exciting and harmonically rich sampler and has been created with the end user firmly in mind. Epica Bass is very reasonably priced, and a well-made, robust sampler instrument. It’s simple enough to keep you productive but has the depth and ability to really carve your own sound. The quality of the sound is very high and sonically rich, with most pre-sets being strong and inspiring.”

DJ Mag

“All this attention to detail in laying down the sounds is apparent when listening and using Epica Bass – it just sounds so damn good! The bass sounds are unbelievably wholesome and rich, lending themselves nicely to dance music and electronic production. Epica Bass, as it’s name suggests, is epic in sound and nature, and is a fantastic addition to any digital studio set-up, bringing a taste of analogue flavour to your productions. It really needs to be heard to be believed.”
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