Toontrack launch new Product Manager – we take a closer look

Toontrack launched their Product Manager this week so we took a closer look at what it does and how it makes life as a Toontrack user even more pleasing…

What can you do in the Toontrack Product Manager?

Toontrack-Product-Manager-Thumb2The Toontrack Product Manager has been designed to give you one easy location to access all of your Toontrack products. It also means the entire product line is now fully downloadable!

From registering new product serial numbers, to checking for the latest updates to your already installed Toontrack software.

The Toontrack Product Manager can handle all of the installation and activation process.

Although it will be much easier for you to use the Toontrack Product Manager, Toontrack are still offering the ability to register and download your products via your Toontrack user account, just in case you would prefer to use this method.

Register and Download New Toontrack Products

Once you have the Toontrack Product Manager installed on your computer, you can register any new titles directly through the application, and start downloading right away.

1. Register


2. Download


This now includes downloading the full installers for Superior Drummer 2 and all of the SDX Expansions.

3. SDX_Download


Install and Authorise Toontrack Products

When your download has finished, you can run your installer(s) and authorise any new titles, all within the application.

5. Authorise


Check for Toontrack Updates

You can then check for any updates for your new titles.


The Toontrack Product Manager also knows which Toontrack products you have installed on your computer already, so any available updates will be grouped together and can be downloaded with a click of a button.

6. Updates



Downloading, Installing and Authorising your Toontrack products has never been easier.


Click here to download the Toontrack Product Manager


If you require any further details, please check out our Toontrack Product Manager Walkthrough video below:





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