Rob Papen RP-EQ – what’s the verdict?


The virtual Rob Papen synthesisers are the cutting edge in what is possible in today’s contemporary music making. They are truly unique because of the concepts, sound quality and most of all, the musical and useable nature of the presets, and with titles such as  SubBoomBass, BlueII and Predator Rob Papen sets the bar high.

In September 2015, the feature-packed EQ plugin RP-EQ was released, and with it brought a far from a basic bread-and-butter equalizer. In true Rob Papen style, RP-EQ comes with many great presets to get you started and with the ‘sound’ of RP-EQ you will have a great go-to plug-in for your music productions, and it seems many agreed. What’s more, until 30th April, there’s 20% off!


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“We´re used to excellence from Rob Papen, but this one´s particularly good – focused, flexible and incredibly creative.”(Rating 9/10) Computer Music

 “This is a comprehensive and musically creative plug-in which lets you manipulare tone effectively while programming, mixing and even mastering. The interface is busy but it´s worth the effort.” (Rating 8.2/10) Future Music

“The RP-EQ by Rob Papen is a must have tool in any producers toolbox and is a great plugin to use from the start of your track right down to the finish” – Producer Spot

“A very solid third-party EQ that goes well beyond DAW-supplied models and suits every part of the production process.” Rating 8/10 View the full review on MusicTech


“Impressive in its functionality and rich in visual information, RP EQ´s high-quality sound and wealth of creative options make it a great EQ and more besides.” – Sound on Sound

“The great strength of RP EQ are the extensive modulation possibilities available.” – Keys Musik Und Computer


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