DRONAR: Hybrid Module – our customers give their verdict

Last month we were excited to announce the release of DRONAR: Hybrid Module – a revolutionary atmospheric sounds generator for Kontakt by Gothic Instruments.

In short, DRONAR: Hybrid Module makes it astonishingly easy to create rich, dramatic, cutting-edge, grainy, complex and evolving atmospheres with a simple set of controls designed to invite deep exploration, expression and discovery.

This week, we asked our customers to let us know what they think of DRONAR so far and in response, we were flooded with an abundance of positive reviews. We’ve rounded up a selection of quotes to showcase how exceptional DRONAR really is in the eyes of its users…


“For me, it’s far exceeded my expectations for what a sound design instrument can be.  For me, it was a very wise investment.”  –  Jawad

“I highly recommend it to anyone in the music and sound design industry.” – GoGo

“Great for beds and atmospheres. I would def recommend this to anyone looking for high-quality beds and atmospheres.” – Arch Angels Music

“Very inspiring presets and the controls are simple enough to make it fun to use. Totally different from synth drones. Good job guys!” – Jim Beam

“Great product, very good for dark industrial spacey backgrounds. If you need dirty industrial drones it is the perfect product for you.” – Deltaarts



“DRONAR exceptionally stands out atop all the generic pad instruments out there. Solid value, very unique AND usable — and I adore that magic sparkle dust!”Torley

“To Dronar or not to Dronar… That is the question. I think you should drone with Dronar because there’s nothing like it in the synth world!’ – S. Vaughan

“I was very impressed with Dronar.  Instant inspiration with each patch with tons of depth, nuance, and variation. Great work Team Dronar!” – Danny Cocke

“Dronar has been a real pleasure to work with. This would certainly give their project a much-needed boost.” –  CJ

To read the reviews in full, click here

Click here to view the DRONAR: Hybrid Module product page

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