We talk iZotope and Native Instruments with Flux Pavilion

Producer, singer-songwriter, DJ and label owner are just some of facets of Flux Pavilion, Flux caught the eye of Zane Lowe with the Radio 1 and Apple music DJ labeling his track ‘I Can’t Stop’ the ‘Hottest record in the world’ when he was only 21 and inevitable success followed in the form of 3 US tours, 2 UK tours, countless festival performances and collaborations with the likes of Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and Skrillex to his name.

Josh takes time out of his busy schedule to chat to us about iZotope, Native Instruments and his music production style.




Hey Josh! Thanks for talking to us today, how are you?

I’m good thanks! It’s my birthday and I’m about to play a show in Shanghai.

How was your New Years Eve? Were you behind the decks, or in front of them?

Behind of course! Did some awesome shows in US. Countdown in San Bernadino was how I brought in the new year.

We’ve recently been discussing our top tracks of 2015 in the T+S office – what are yours?
Ah no idea! So many! I’ve been listening to Gorillaz first album and Hunky Dory by Bowie mostly.



You recently recorded a piece for FACT’s Against The Clock – could you tell our readers what this is all about?

Well they basically asked me to make a song in 10 minutes, which is a pretty ludicrous feat. Producing is definitely more geared for the long game, writing can be really quick, but making it sound good is an art best left away from time limits (for the most part) But I do like a challenge and it was nice to just work on instinct, pretty happy with what I made.

You mentioned in that video that you were usually more chilled when producing tracks, do you feel this leads to better tracks, and is a better work ethic?
Each to their own really. I work really quick when I have an idea, which luckily I did have at the time. But I generally like time to listen and feel what’s going on.

How do you find this relates to the often busy and hectic EDM/Dubstep production world?
I quite like organised chaos, I’m at home when things are a bit messy and hectic in the studio. I think the world is as busy as you want it to be, but it can get stressful if there is a time limit involved.

We’re aware you’re an iZotope user and a particular fan of Trash and Ozone. When and how did you first become aware of their products?
I’m not sure, it was probably Doctor P. He pretty much discovered everything when we were younger and I just got whatever he had. I’m not sure what I would do without Ozone, it’s just got everything you need all wrapped up, a real icon of the modern plug and play generation.

What makes them such stand-out pieces of software to use?
The sound!

We also know you’re a fan of Native Instruments Komplete – what do you love about it?
The trick is in the name. It’s like a starter pack for a producer but so much more. One purchase and you have access to top-level production tools straight up. With each new version there is more shit to play with too, so I never feel stagnant in the studio as long as I have Komplete installed.

“If you´re a producer or composer whose work spans a range of musical genres, Komplete 10 continues to offer itself as the ultimate sonic toolkit” – this quote is from Future Music mag, regarding Komplete. As a producer of dubstep/EDM how true would you say this is? Do you feel the package lends itself well to all your genres?
Well a genre is what you make it. Sure there are some specifics that are geared towards certain styles of sounds but I don’t think a good piece of software should have limitations of application. Within creativity is freedom to experiment and guys like iZotope and NI give you the tools to enhance your creativity.

Out of all 39 of the instruments included, do you have a favourite, and if so, which one and why?
For me I love hunting through the factory soundbank. It’s foundation stuff but so comprehensive there is always something hidden away. Mellotron’s plus distortion are very effective if you know what you are after.



Are there any particular software products you’ve got your eye on at the moment?
Really love all the Fabfilter dynamic stuff. It’s just got such a solid sound and functional interface I switched as soon as I saw them.

Moving out of the studio, you’ve got a couple of shows coming up, can you tell us more about those and what you’ve got in store for the crowds?
Well I have been writing a shit load of music so there is lots of brand new stuff no one else has right now, more dubstep than I have written in 5 years.

Did you ever dream that you’d be traveling to places like the US and Turkey to perform?
Growing up I never really thought I’d go to London and I only lived a few hours away, so anywhere further has been a surprise.

Aside from these shows, what should we expect from Flux Pavilion in 2016?
New music!

And finally, what would be your top piece of advice for aspiring EDM/Dubstep producers?
Fuck what’s popular. By the time you have finished it and released it, the world wont be interested anymore and you will most likely be a step further from where you want to be. Make what you love and the world will come round to you.

Thanks again for speaking with us and wishing you a successful 2016.
Thank you 🙂

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