Lifting the fallboard on Synthogy Ivory II

Synthogy’s Ivory II is the world’s most popular virtual grand piano software with artists, critics and customers all singing its praises and its easy to see why.

Founded in 2003 Synthogy set out it achieve new standards of sound quality and realism.

To achieve this goal, the instruments would need to be musical enough to satisfy the most discerning and accomplished professional musicians.


Ivor Novello award winning singer-songwriter Imogen Heap said

“Love my Ivory. My perspex piano loves it too. It’s what I play live and have recorded quite a few of Ellipse’s piano parts with it too. ’tis a wonderful thing” – Imogen Heap

In our interview with massively successful production trio TMS we found out they had been using Ivory II on many hit songs including Jess Glynne’s number one single ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself’

“Quite simply it is, by a country mile, the most realistic piano software we’ve ever heard.”

Pianist, vocalist, and rising star Sheléa is also a fan, checkout the video below to watch her perform her single ‘Love Fell on Me’ using Ivory II Italian Grand

Piano Man Billy Joel is another avid Synthogy user, with Ivory II featuring in his touring set up, the picture below shows Ivory II ready to go at Fenway Park

So what makes Ivory II stand out from the crowd?

The Sympathetic String Resonance of the Ivory II engine fulfills a long sought after characteristic of real pianos, allowing for a true replication of the harmonic resonant content. Meanwhile, the realism is also enhanced thanks to each Ivory II piano delivering multiple velocity levels for all keys. The pianos also include real release samples, Soft Pedal samples, and Pedal Noise enhancements.

Unique features to the Synthogy engine include:

Customisable soundboards for each piano – to allow for additional/reduced resonance for when the Sustain Pedal is pressed.

An optional synth pad layer –  for creating quick and deep modern/pop combinations.

World class digital FX including Chorus, EQ and Real Ambiences of world-class studios and concert halls.

Dozens of user-adjustable presets; from programing presets, velocity mapping, Synth layering and effect presets.

The Ivory II engine also allows for a wide range of customisable user controls, including; Timbre, Stereo Width and Perspective and Mechanical Key Noise.


“Superb. Stellar. Excellent. Outstanding. Best in class. Pick a superlative, and it won´t adequately convey how real Ivory II sounds, nor how immersed in the music you´ll feel when playing it”  – Keyboard Magazine

Ivory II attracted the attention of the BBC who produced a feature on this extraordinary instrument.

Presenter LJ Rich, who is a keen pianist herself, met with Synthogy co-founder Joe Ierardi in Boston studio to find out more about the challenges faced making a digital piano sound real


Cick here to view all Synthogy Ivory II titles

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