We talk wrestling, tour essentials and Toontrack with Chasing Cadence

The last 12 months have been busy for Chasing Cadence, from tours and festivals to a whole new worldwide fan base opening up to them. We caught up with them shortly before their recent tour and learnt how they turned their drummer in to a human drum machine, tour essentials and Toontrack.

We know things are busy for you at the moment – can you tell us a little bit more about what you’re currently up to?

Hello! Well, it’s been a pretty busy year for us, we’ve recently had our latest single ‘Dear Life’  used for the intro theme to TV show ‘TNA Xplosion’ which is available in 120 countries worldwide, this has led to some fantastic opportunities, some of which are very much in their infancy at the moment. We’re heading out on tour next Saturday (24th) as well and releasing the B-side to ‘Dear Life’ called ‘Streetlights’ on November 2nd, the track will also be premiered on BBC Introducing Beds, Herts & Bucks on Halloween.

Your new single Streetlights is being released this week, when can we expect a full length release?

We’re working on a new E.P. that we intend to record next February and release before festival season. Right now the plans are to record with our usual producer, Oliver Craggs (Hidden Track Studios) but use Red bull Studios London instead, our recent affiliations mean that this is now a possibility for us so we’re in talks with Red bull about this.

Dear Life has featured on the TNA soundtrack. Did you ever expect your music to be playing alongside such a huge wrestling show?

It’s still very overwhelming, when we sat down and watched the first show, it was very surreal. I guess in our heads we’re still a little band from Herts practicing in our bedrooms, the reality is that we’ve exceeded both our and others expectations and we hope with the solid team that we are putting in place, we will continue to push forward.

What would you say has been your proudest moment as a band so far?

Back in 2014 we had the opportunity to support one of our biggest heroes ‘Taking Back Sunday’ at a 1000 cap venue in Coventry. Because this band have been such an influence and at the time, this was the biggest show we had ever played, we see this as the bench mark for our progression, shortly after we played Download 2014 as well which is a dream come true for every single one of us.

 Having had your first gig in 2011, how has your set up changed?

Pretty much everything that could have changed has changed. Not only have we now got a full touring rig and lighting rig to match as well as additions to the team as tech’s etc. we’ve also changed our lineup a few times since then. Jack (Singer) and Rob (Guitarist) are the only remaining founding members.

You recently turned Alfie Powell (Drums) into a human drum kit for BuzzJam, hosted in the Red Bull Studios. Can you explain to our readers what that consisted of?

So for the whole weekend we worked alongside a coder, Sean Tracy. Although the idea was ours, the actual product was completely his doing, he sewed piezo sensors into a hoodie and to the bottom of some Plimsolls, these sensors were wired into a small Arduino chip, which was all sewed to the back of the hoodie. From there we took a USB cable into a Macbook and use the Mac to trigger samples every time a sensor was pressed, the samples we used were created using superior drummer, so the end result was quite convincing albeit strange to watch and even stranger to play.

And what exactly is BuzzJam all about?

It’s about bringing artists, coders and industry types together. So that they can learn from each other and increase their repertoire of contacts. It’s a huge amount of fun and everyone is super friendly. It’s strange to think that we didn’t even have a proper drum kit or live set-up and yet we still played in front of one of the most important crowds to date.

How tech ‘savvy’ would you say you as a band?

I’d say we’re pretty up there, Dan & Rob both have Music Technology degrees. From this they have built a full lighting rig which is triggered via MIDI at specified points throughout the song, this same setup sends a click to all of our IEM systems as well as generates synth, strings and pianos to thicken up the instrumentation of our live performance. Rob & Dan also record full demos at home when we are writing so that we can get a proper feel for how the songs will sound. Dan even built his own bass cab recently, it’s bigger than a house, but it works beautifully.

In regards to drum style, and sound, we know you like to use Toontrack Superior Drummer, how long have you been using it for?

We’ve been using it around a year now, it’s incredible for a home studio because you have the beauty of having relatively convincing drum samples rather than having to record a drum kit. Probably one of the most important plug-ins we use and we wouldn’t swap it.

What would you say were the best features of the software?

The vast amount of ways in which you can tailor each sample to sound exactly as you want, it’s absolutely massive, we’re still nowhere near to unlocking its full potential but that’s just half of the fun.

Do you think it lends itself well to the harder rock/metal scene?

Absolutely, especially for those who don’t have access to a big studio, for up and coming musicians, it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Are there any products you really have your eye on at the moment?

We’d really like to get a more intelligent version of Melodyn, for demoing purposes, auto tune allows you to amend the melody without having to re-record every time, with the newer versions, you can even select a single note from a chord and amend that, it would just make the demoing process a whole lot more efficient.

You have been touring pretty solidly since you started playing together, what would you consider your top three must-have items for on the road touring?

1.A neck brace, comfort thing. – When you are on the road a lot, getting comfortable enough to get some shut eye is key.

2.Toilet roll – Some of these venues have questionable facilities.

3.Dry shampoo/anti-bacterial gel – Sorry, I know this is 2 but you’ve got to try and keep as clean as possible without a shower every day! Otherwise you risk falling ill half way through.

And lastly, what advice would you give any up and coming rock/metal/alternative artists, who’d like to create a sound as flawless as your own?

Haha, someone just received some Chasing Cadence brownie points. It totally depends how serious you are about it, I guess the first thing you need to do is assess exactly what you want to achieve and how far you are willing to go to get that, we’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices along the way so be prepared for that. Play as many shows as possible and make sure you’re 100% happy with your releases before letting the public hear them. Finally, never give up! It may have been a rubbish week/month with not going on but you and your other members are the only people that can change that.

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Catch Chasing Cadence on tour in January

29th Manchester – Manchester Arena

30th London – The SSE Arena

31st Birmingham – Barclaycard Arena

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