iZotope RX 5 first impressions by producer Jan ‘Stan’ Kybert

Jan ‘Stan’ Kybert is a UK-based Producer, Mixer, Engineer who has worked with a number of major artists including Noel Gallagher, Massive Attack and Miles Kane. Over the last few years, a lot of Stan’s time has been dedicated to producing and mixing Paul Weller’s 2012 number one album ‘Sonik Kicks’ and this year’s release ‘Saturn’s Pattern’ which reached number 2 in the UK Album charts. He also heads up post-production company ‘Post and Sound‘.

Stan is a big fan of iZotope software, particularly RX, of which he Tweeted his excitement about the RX 5 announcement in September. Having recently become a Dad, Stan acknowledges that, more than ever, when it comes to audio production time is of the essence, so what does he think of RX 5 Advanced’s improvements and new features so far? Over to Stan…

“From the look of the new iZotope RX5 Adv you can say not much has changed but after using it for under an hour I quickly learnt everything has changed and now having RX 5 for a week my workflow restoring, de-noising and leveling audio has never been better.

iZotope has clearly listened to its users and taken the great RX 4 and implemented changes that will improve the quality of your audio work while saving you time, money and repeating the same key commands over and over and over…

With the addition of Module Chain I can quickly use de-plosive, de-click and corrective EQ on nearly every vocal and dialogue take I use to remove any pops, clicks and cleaning unwanted low frequencies in a single click.

iZotope RX 5 Adv LevelerMy favorite addition to RX 5 has to be the changes to the Leveler module. The ability to automatically even out the level in vocals and dialogue using non-destructive clip gain at the touch of the mouse is saving me hours. This has been made possible for me with the new Ess-reduction and Breath control features within the Leveler module.

RX 4 changed my workflow for the better and RX 5 within a week has done it again. iZotope continues to offer the highest standards in audio plugins, adding updates to save time, money and all at very reasonable costs.”

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