Taking a closer look at Sample Magic’s BLOQ

Sample Magic have recently released their first Virtual Instrument; Bloq, so we thought we’d delve deeper in to this vintage synth and drum machine instrument to see what it’s all about and give you a chance to try it for yourself with a free taster demo.

A year of development and created from Sample Magic’s co-founder Sharooz Raoofi’s extensive collection of vintage drum machines and synths, Sample Magic developed a great-sounding virtual instrument for a wallet friendly price.

Recently awarded 9/10 in Computer Music, their reviewer said “Bloq sounds great, works well and hits just the right price point.”

Dead set on creating the best virtual instrument possible they headed to LA to harness the sounds of some rarer synths that, even after 15 years of collecting, were not part of Sharooz’s collection such as the Roland Jupiter 8 and the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.

Sharooz told Attack Magazine “I wanted every nuance, noise and distortion in every possible iteration of every sound to be perfectly represented as I was used to it in my own studio environment. Every hit of every drum machine and every key of every preset in every synth was recorded at 24-bit quality through various channel strips, such as the Focusrite ISA 430 and Neve 1073, via the Prism Orpheus soundcard which in my opinion gives the clearest AD conversion I’ve yet heard. The result was stunning – not just for the raw, warm, punchy sound but also in the subtle flaws and signal noise that just added to the character.”

Split in to two modules, Bloq Drums comprises of 13 drum machines and Bloq Synths is made up of 17 synthesizers allowing each pad to be individually treated with transient shaping, ADSR, HPF and LPF filters, FX sends, tuning and the ability to assign each hit to up to 16 separate outputs.

It also includes a customised Rack for Ableton Live 9 and a Logic EXS-24 / Ultrabeat version with extensive treatments of every patch as presented in the Kontakt version. With numerous smart macro assignments including filter cutoff, reverb time, delay time, release time and various other commonly used creative control assignments, Bloq pushes compatibility and performance to the limit.

To read Sharooz’s full interview with Attack Magazine please click here

To find out more about Bloq and to download the free taster version please click here

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