Spitfire Audio Albion – a final nod to a modern day classic

IMPORTANT: It’s with great sadness that we announce Spitfire Audio products will not be available to purchase from Time+Space or any other Spitfire retail partner from June 1st.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the Spitfire team over the past two years and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Please do feel free to browse through our other manufacturers who create brilliant orchestral and electronic libraries
Spitfire AlbionBack in July 2015, we were thrilled to add Spitfire Audio to our stable of top virtual instrument and sample developers. Recorded at the famous AIR Studios in Lyndhurst, Albion is the company’s best selling instrument encompassing an easy to use, but awesome symphonic sized orchestra, thundering cinematic drums, great drama loops and an amazing organic synth.

Spitfire have taken the decision to retire the jewel in their crown but before they do so, the UK-based developers are giving music producers one last chance to join the league of adoring Albion fans with a huge discount off the RRP.

As a final nod to Albion I, we’ve taken a look at what the press has said about this timeless instrument…

“If you need a palette of powerful orchestral ensembles which will inspire your writing, galvanise your scores and generally add class, sheen, size, power and depth to your orchestral armoury, the library delivers in spades.” – Sound On Sound

“The ‘cinematic’ sound of big, booming drums and scary, low pitched rumbles and crashes, preferably recorded in a highly reverberant hall acoustic… this type of explosive, earth shaking racket is amply covered in Albion.” Sound On Sound


“Albion is wonderful. There´s a freshness and spirit about the sound that separates it from many of its competitors.” – Future Music

“With its advanced orchestration colors and combinations, I can summarize Albion in a single word – exquisite” – FilmMusicMag.com

“In short, Albion is an excellent library, whose approach makes it possible to form compositions very quickly, with outstanding sound quality” – AudioFanZine

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