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Omnisphere 2 Customer VerdictLast month, on the Time+Space blog, we took a look at The Critics’ Perspective of Spectrasonics‘ epic Omnisphere 2 and had great pleasure in presenting many juicy quotes which simply oozed with enthusiasm and positivity.

Last week, we got in touch with our customers who had bought Omnisphere 2 or Upgraded from the original version to see how they’re getting on with the epic ‘Power Synth’ and they were quick to tell us their thoughts…

“Omnisphere has been my ‘go to’ synth ever since it first came out – and Omnisphere 2 is even better.” – Michael English

“When I started performing with Omnisphere 2, it was noticed immediately and I’ve discussed features with quite a few of my musician friends. It really is a case of the best got better. I’ve tried a lot of other “cinematic”, “lush”, “epic” software synths and this still outperforms.” – Paul Harriman

“This is best plugin I’ve ever used I have been making music for 10 years now and I have to say this has totally change the quality of my music.” – Anonymous

“Incredible value for money, and the wealth of extra patches and multi available will mean you never run out of inspiration. The best money I ever spent.” – Simon Brewin

Omnisphere GUI
“I would recommend this as a must have VST. From EDM to experimental there is something for every style of electronic music. If I could only own one VST then Omnisphere 2 would be that soft synth. It is truly inspirational . A producer’s dream and a big fat 5 stars from me.” – Jim Wolfe

“It’s a wonderful, original, powerful font of creativity.Whatever mood, whatever genre, there will be something waiting for you in this product. Be excited! If you haven’t got it, put it on your list. You won’t regret it.” – Daniel P

“I’ve tried everything else. Nothing comes close to Omnisphere2. Simple.” – Tony Patterson

A big thank you to all our customers who took the time to write their reviews. To read them all in full, please click here.

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