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Studio Bundle - Izotope

For mixing, mastering, vocal production and audio repair and restoration, iZotope’s award-winning range of software gets the job done to the highest standard.

What’s more, you can try before you buy with free 10-day demos available on all products.

Here’s a quick roundup of the key products which you can find in many of iZotope’s great value bundles.


RX 4 Complete Audio Repair:

With the RX4 you can transform flawed audio into pristine, usable material by removing noises, distortions, reverb. You can also edit your audio using precision drawing tools, such as a lasso, brush, and magic wand. It ensures smooth, even, and consistent vocal takes with tools that help match and balance multiple recordings. It enables you to be able to deliver professional quality results with speed and efficiency, meeting compliance requirements and international broadcast standards.

Alloy 2 Essential Mixing Tools

Six powerful tools in one integrated plug-in: Equalizer, Dynamics, Exciter, De-Esser, Transient Shaper and Limiter helps to achieve exceptional sound quality, balancing vintage emulation with digital precision. You can also use it to hear results immediately with zero latency performance, whether you’re tracking in real-time or in the midst of a mix session. Enables you to visualize your mixing decisions with rich meter displays to guide the way and start fast, then go deep with over 250 presets and a tweaker’s paradise of advanced controls

Nectar 2 Vocal Production Suite:

Explore 11 powerful tools in one integrated plugin: Harmony, Plate Reverb, FX, Pitch, Delay, DeEsser, Saturation, Compressors, Gate, EQ, and Limiter.

Nectar 2 allows you to get smooth, pitch perfect takes quickly with dedicated Pitch Editor and Breath Control plugins. It helps to improve vocal production at all stages, from tracking through mixing and rapidly audition different vocal sounds with 150+ presets in a variety of genres.

Ozone 6 Complete Mastering System:

Ozone 6 allows you to reinvent timeless sounds by harnessing the sonic texture of analog gear with even deeper control, as well as making more of your mix stronger by adding loudness transparently through next-level dynamic processing. Using Ozone 6 enables you to add realistic warmth, bite, and punch to your mix with Ozone’s flexible sonic capabilities and achieve louder, fuller masters while preserving crisp transient detail with iZotope’s third-generation IRC™ Limiter.

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Posted by Melanie Doidge

Having worked in marketing for over fifteen years with experience in various industries, Time+Space and the world of music production continues to be the most exciting of them all. With our brands consistently pushing the boundaries of technology with their products, the terrific DJs, Composers and Producers using them and the feedback from magazines and our customers, there's always plenty to tell the world about. Musical experience? I reached Grade 6 in piano back in my school days and am currently in the throes of trying to resurrect my abilities!


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