Heavyocity Gravity – what’s the verdict?

Heavyocity GravityBack in June of 2015, Heavyocity, who’s previously acclaimed products include The Master Sessions, AEON Melodic, and DM-307 Modern Groove Designer, released the groundbreaking Gravity, which not only provides a dynamic sound, but is one of the most impressive collections of Modern Scoring Tools ever assembled.

With over 12GB of production-ready instruments in an inspiring new interface, Gravity delivers a stunning sound with complex Pads, evocative Risers, other-worldly Stings, earth-shattering Hits and much more  – in fact, it’s the largest range of sounds ever presented in a Heavyocity instrument!

With such a well-equipped product and notable collection of sounds, the critics haven’t been lost for words either!

“Gravity is a superb collection, made even better by the Music Tech Choice Awardextra control. You might have to invest more money, but put the time in and, with Gravity on your side, you could be streets ahead of – or (sorry) above – the completion.”Music Tech              

“Big, brash and boldly contemporary, Gravity has Heavyocity pushing the envelope of Kontakt scripting and smpling again, and is without doubt one their best yet.” – Computer Music Rating 9/10

I found a lot to like about Gravity. More than just a collection of textures, Gravity has quite the library of musical pads, elements, rises, and stingers that will save most film composers and producers quite a lot of time. I was especially happy to see so many pitched elements that can be worked into songs rather than just sound effect beds that are fairly isolated. Gravity truly is an instrument, and a diverse one at that. – AskAudio

“The sound is amazing, the variety is huge, and the way you can manipulate, customize, and alter your sounds is super powerful and just plain fun. I love how it covers styles from light and airy, to experimental all the way to creepy and horrific.” Soundsandgear.com

If you’re into sound design and looking for some new massive sounds to add to your palette this is an essential buy full of very high quality sounds. You get a lot of flexibility being able to combine the individual elements of which the sounds are made and the ability to sync the risers and whooshes to your tempo is a real time saver! – filmandgamecomposers.com

“Much like the Sun uses its gravity to pull the planets towards it, Gravity pulls you in and makes you want to play with it. It is admirable how Heavyocity uses samples combined with the great interface to expand your sonic palette.” The Audio Spotlight


“Heavyocity has created an organic, breathing, flowing instrument. After just a few minutes of working with Gravity I was pulled in. In my opinion Gravity is a glimpse into what the future holds for hybrid instruments”Sample Library Review

“The diversity of sound within Gravity is astonishing. Each sound inspires new ideas and creative techniques that enhance my writing process. The elements in Gravity not only sound great but are very musical and functional. Music/Sound design is pushed to new limits with Gravity. Any musician will benefit with Gravity in their toolbox.”– Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones, Pacific Rim, Safehouse)

“Phenomenal sounds and instant accessibility are the two hallmarks of any Heavyocity product. As if they couldn´t top themselves…gotta say this is the most epic and tweak-able Heavyocity release yet. It’s already made its way into two of my current projects. Gravity is an epic twist on creative sound sources and rafter-shaking drama.”– Jason Graves (Dead Space, Series, Evolve, The Order: 1886, “Tomb Raider)

To find out more about Heavyocity Gravity please click here

Check out the video below to view a walkthrough of Gravity by Heavyocity’s Neil Goldberg

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