We sand through the concept behind Zero-G’s latest sample collection ‘Desert Tracks’

This week, Zero-G has released Desert Tracks – an interesting and inspiring collection of exotic, traditional and contemporary rhythm, instrument and full music tracks from Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Percussion loops and musical themes echo the court and folk music of ancient Egypt, Arabia, the Ottoman Empire and Persia whilst a contemporary selection presents a modern twist.

Desert Tracks also features melodic instruments including Accordion, Kanoun, Oud, Ney Flute and Eastern Violin as well as individual percussion loops of Darbuka, Doholla, Frame Drum, Riqq and Sagat.

Interestingly, whilst this collection presents a wealth of material for producers looking for a unique sound or composers working on world music projects, Desert Tracks actually covers many belly dance musical styles, including several rare styles that have yet to be captured in any other sample collection.

Belly dance is one of the oldest forms of dance known to mankind. According to anthropologists, evolution and regional factors influenced this particular dance form which takes various shapes in different regions. For example, Moroccan Shaabi is a belly dance form of Morocco, Saidi from Egypt, Chiftetelli from Turkey and so on.

After two years of research, the library’s producers concluded that there are 39 major traditional styles of belly dance in existence – these styles are included in Desert Tracks alongside contemporary versions to bring the sound into the modern era. It is this concept, creativity and scope, that makes Desert Tracks stand out from other currently available Middle Eastern libraries.

Why not take a listen to the audio demo to see if Desert Tracks could find a place in your sample collection?

Click here to find out more about Zero-G Desert Tracks and take a listen

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