We talk Toontrack with tech metallers Cambion

Following a busy summer of international festivals and a South West Music Award under their belts, progressive tech metal quartet Cambion have taken to the studio. We caught up with them to talk about their love for Toontrack exclusively for Metal Month

If you were talking about your sound to someone who’d never heard your music, how would you describe it?

We aim to try and capture a number of different styles/tastes to make our music more open to a wider range for fans. That being said, if we had to say a genre, it would be along the tech/progressive side.

We hear you use Superior Drummer, what kits and features do you find yourselves going back to again and again?

We really like the Metal Machine pack. We’ve found this has a perfect balance between natural tonalities and midi consistency. A lot of other drum plugins have great sounds but lack a realistic or human feel straight out of the box.

This coupled with the groove libraries makes writing and arranging songs so much easier. The ability to drag and drop a beat into your DAW and have it really feel like jamming with a real drummer makes all the difference.

With 20GB of fantastic drum sounds and kits included within Superior Drummer, was there anything you were particularly impressed by?

There are far too many impressive features to mention! but one thing that struck us first on loading of Superior Drummer, was the ease in which you can blend samples from one kit with samples from another. We were immediately hooked on how far we could take blending sounds snares or kick drums, or even blending the two together.

Which SDX expansion packs do you particularly like at the moment?

For rock and metal we particularly liked Metal Machine, as it just sounds so damn good! For our style of music, especially in this day and age, everything has to be very “tight” and “precise”, but it’s hard to achieve that without sacrificing some of the human feel in the music.

The Metal Machine expansions stand out in this area. You can programme beats at full velocity and it maintains an element of realism that can often be overlooked in modern metal.

What got you into using technology to create your sound in the first place?

Well my parents bought me a zoom multitrack recorder when i was about 10 yrs old! A friend of mine was learning to play drums and I was having guitar lessons, we wanted someway of recording our ideas, and quickly got the hang of recording and constructing songs on the multitrack. Then of course laptops and software and the quality of home recordings were vastly better. Sound quality and recording your own songs becomes and addiction! Made all the better with Superior Drummer etc!

Would you describe yourselves as “ computer savvy” kind of guys? And would you say this software could be used by someone new to the production side of music?

We all have a fair grasp of using computers for music, and although I would say it does help to have at least a basic knowledge of music production before using software like superior drummer, its definitely not a necessity. The software is very clear, and each window is laid out in a practical way. Any or all problems we have had were clearly answered in the online forums and videos, so its really mad very easy to grasp.

What is coming up for Cambion

We are currently writing a load of new material for release late 2015. In the meantime we are shooting a new music video this December, for the re-release of our ep, “virus”. The ep will feature 2 new tracks, new artwork and a glimpse at our album! Between all that, we are sorting a few festival slots and tours for 2015.

And finally, what would be your top piece of advice for aspiring rock/metal musicians?

Top piece of advice would be to find your sound, and practice practice practice! Oh and get yourselves some top quality software, like superior drummer, home recording etc is so much more accessible and easier now, and with such good quality, you can save money on recording studios etc, especially if you’re a band just starting out! DIY all the way!

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