Roni Size talks to us about using Rob Papen synths, Spectrasonics and iZotope

Bristol based DJ and producer Roni Size has a long list of achievements under his belt, from collaborating with a vast list of big name artists to winning the Mercury prize. His career spans decades and recently he released his first studio album in six years, along with his ever growing record label ‘Mansion Sounds’ and a run of live dates its safe to say that Size is back.

We caught up with him to find out what you can expect from his recent work and his go to plug-ins


You have just released your first studio album in 6 years, what can fans expect?

6 years is a lifetime in music and it’s incredible how fast the production changes from year to year. I have been making and playing music for over two decades now and in this time I have managed to build a loyal and supportive fan base who have followed me through my Full Cycle/V Records Times and then being accepted by a wider audience after winning the mercury music prize. Now I have started a brand new imprint, which reflects all aspects of what has inspired me over these two decades. The label is called “MANSION SOUNDS” and its based around my idea of having big ideas, big plans, big commitment and most important of all a big sound. When I hear this music, I hear a Mansion of possibilities and I hope that those who listen to my music also understand a little of the Roni Size philosophy will enjoy this album of special request.

How has your sound evolved over the years?

My sound evolves every time I do as a person being from Bristol and surrounded by the golden generation of the Bristol 90s sound I was fortunate to have a bird’s eye view of a great era. Now I in my own right feel I have grown as a producer and still evolving with those around me, but I’m all about going 10 steps forward and maybe 2 steps back.

Which software/plugins do you find yourself using most frequently?

I’m a big fan of Avid and the pro tools Family I am currently on PTHDX 11 and its Flawless in work flow and sound design and also I love and can’t live without my UAD Plugins And My Waves plugins for there simplicity for what they do.


We hear you´re also using Rob Papen synth plugins, which ones do you rely on the most and for what types of sounds?

I really like SubBoom Bass because of the great arpeggiator and it’s really easy to navigate around and I’m just starting to get my head around predator. Good times

Are you still using your Spectrasonics instruments regularly? Do they feature on this album?

Omnisphere and stylus RMX are two of my most valued go to plug-ins and they are sprinkled al over this album with the tight snares and drum loops from stylus RMX and the unusual sounds created in Omnisphere.

We know you are a big fan of iZotope and use Ozone 5, what key features keep you using it time and again

I’m a massive fan of Alloy 2, the transient designer for getting drum loops really tight and also the maximizer for mastering quick cuts for Djing I always soft clip the back out of the Ozone 5.

Moving on to hardware can you run us through the key pieces of gear in your set up?

I love my old school sampler S_760 and my Alesis Andromeda and my entire tube tech gear for vocals.

What is currently on your hardware/software wish list?

I’m really looking forward to having a go on native inst. Komplete 10 and also I wish I had a set of the PMC Speakers. You know the big ones you cant even get through your front door

What have you got coming up for the rest of 2014? Anything you’d like to plug?

2014 I’m looking forward to our first Reprazent Live show at the Manchester Warehouse project and Releasing a brand new album Called ” Do It For The Masses ” coming out on my new label called ‘MANSION SOUNDS’

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