Rob Papen Blue II – The UK reviewers give their verdict…

Rob Papen Blue 2Back in March, nine years after the original was bestowed upon us, Rob Papen released the second version of his famous crossfusion virtual synth – Blue.

Combining FM and subtractive synthesis, Phase Distortion and wave shaping synthesis, Blue II delivers numerous new features including the innovative and creatively inspiring XY pad, a new range of filter types, FX, sample waveforms and much more, including a whole new choice of presets that tops the total number to over 3000!

Since its release, reviewers all over the world have been testing, tweaking and twiddling with the virtual synth to deliver a feast of first rate write-ups. Here’s a quick roundup of verdicts from the UK contingent…Computer Music Performance Award

At turns lush, deep, complex and alive, or biting, aggressive and modern – sonically, Blue II is beyond reproach. Blue II is a truly sophisticated synth, offering endless programming possibilities, and whether you´re upgrading or buying new, it´s worth every penny and then some.”- Computer Music, Rating 9/10

Rob Papen Blue IIWith this upgrade Blue 2 proves once again that it has an incredible amount to offer, and Rob Papen has to be commended not only for his superb enhancements, but for maintaining Blue 2’s refreshingly clear layout that makes it easy and a pleasure to use. […] Crossfusion synthesis doesn’t get better than this.” – Sound on Sound

Future music platinum and value awardsBlue was always a versatile synth but Blue II develops its personality significantly and is as close to a must-have soft synth as I’ve played for quite some time.” – Future Music, Rating: 9.5/10

Blue II is any synth you want it to be and a lot more. A MTM-choice-awardworthy and cheap upgrade to the original and one that will have you tweaking, bouncing and playing for many a year.” – Music Tech (Rating: 9/10)

Pro Tools Expert Editors Choice AwardBlue II is enormous without being overly complicated; it has excellent sounds and is a lot of fun. It is for this reason that Blue II gets our Editors Choice Award it is well worth checking out. Rob Papen is one of those people who seems to plough his own furrow, if that expression doesn’t translate for non-Brits let me be clearer, he doesn’t swim with the crowd, instead choosing to make original virtual instruments and effects. I’m glad he does and you should be too, we need more companies like Rob Papen.”-

It has a lot of punch, clarity and presence. It can go almost anywhere you choose sonically, although if you’re looking for an authentic vintage character, an analogue hardware synth or emulation might be more appropriate, as the drift control can only go so far. Rather than occupying that kind of niche, though, the BLUE-II is a synthesiser that can do pretty much anything—and what’s more, it does it all while sounding confident.” – Resident Advisor, Rating: 4.5/5

rob papen blue 2Blue 2 boasts an alluring interface for anyone that does want to tinker—with invariably stunning results. I was really blown away by the sound quality of each oscillator, filter and effect; Blue 2 has a slick and polished sound that´s still susceptible to dirt, grit and wildness if you so desire.”-

There is an awful lot to Blue II. It will take a long time to master, but it is capable of producing some great sounds with an analog feel. The presets alone take hours to explore and are all extremely impressive. The best part is that Blue II is only £109 (give or take a few pennies!) and gives you an awful lot for the money!” –

Rob Papen Blue II is available now – why not try it first with the free demo version?

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