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BreakTweaker press verdictBack in January, at the annual Winter NAMM show, iZotope revealed the fruits of their second collaboration with producer BT (the first being Stutter Edit) in the form of BreakTweaker.

Dubbed a ‘futuristic beat machine’, BreakTweaker is a wildly creative rhythmic instrument that is powered by three distinct modules – the Sequencer, the Generator and the MicroEdit engine – which make it possible to create beats you’ve never heard before, or even imagined!

We sent copies of BreakTweaker to the UK press and waited with interest to hear what they thought of it. Here’s a summary of their thoughts and verdicts…

Music Tech Excellence and Innovation awardsThe really clever part is that there’s a huge depth of programming power but it’s been made fun and intuitive. Tweak the presets or build kits and patterns from scratch : as well as being exciting to play around with this is also a really heavyweight beat sculpting and programming tool. Expect to hear it on some hit records very soon. […]  A powerful and forward-thinking instrument that simplifies the process of making huge, cutting-edge beats that sound immense.” – Music Tech, Rating 10/10

BreakTweaker effortlessly delivers freaky sample retriggering, gating and polyrhythmic grooves that could energise even the most mundane tunes.” – Sound on Sound

FM Platinum AwardI found BreakTweaker an excellent sound designing tool for beats; and as a whole it really is very well realised and a lot of fun. Although there is scope for enhancement, this is another strong contender from iZotope.” – Future Music, Rating 9/10

The synth programmer in you will love layering sound sources, applying modulation and getting your hands dirty. Let’s not forget that the sequencer then allows for multi-tempo playback of a pattern you’ve programmed, complete with further per-step warping. Whether you intend to use BreakTweaker as a pure drum machine, a hybrid plug-in for beats, bass and synth or a more complex sound generator for sample content, it has plenty to offer.” – Residentadvisor.net, Rating 4.5/5

Computer Music Innovation and Performance awardsBreakTweaker is outstanding at what it does and genuinely innovative.” – Computer Music, Rating 9/10

“BreakTweaker is an extremely polished labor of love that you can tell was more than a product designed to merely fill a void. Some serious thought went into this. And, because it affords anyone the ability to do edits that were once quite time intensive, I would highly recommend this for beginner, as well as veteran, producers.” – askaudiomag.com

And finally, take a look at Pro Tools Expert’s show and tell video review…

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