Ian Boddy talks about second Analogue Workshop sample library ‘Dark Ambient’

Sound Designer Ian BoddyThis week, we are pleased to see the return of synthesis supremo Ian Boddy to the Time+Space sample shop as he releases the second title in his Analogue Workshop series – Dark Ambient.

This collection features both WAV samples and Kontakt patches that have been created from Ian’s personal and impressive collection of vintage and analogue modular synths. Dig in and you’ll find subsonic drones, evolving pads, haunting modulations, surreal atmospheres as well as crunchy, deep and weird percussive sounds and FX.

Ian Boddy Analogue Workshop 2 Dark Ambient BoxWe caught up with Ian, who told us a little more about the new collection and which types of projects will benefit from the sounds…

“I’ve always loved the sound of analogue synths since I first turned on a VCS3 in 1979. The organic, sometimes unpredictable nature of their sounds has always appealed to me.

The fact that a large patch on my modular system is unrepeatable is for me an advantage not a hindrance. It allows for that creative spark to flourish and for you to actually have to make a musical decision in the moment and not several hours/days or weeks later whilst staring at a computer screen.

Analogue Workshop 2 Dark Ambient InterfaceFor my taste too many modern plug-ins that purport to sound like analogue synths are just too polite. They seem to polish the sounds too much and take off the edge. This is why I present the 300 samples in raw as well as treated patches. The former allows the true nature of the analogue sounds to be present without the coloration of the Kontakt GUI.

One of the ways that I’ve tried to maintain the analogue character is to provide a series of impulse responses for use in Kontakt’s convolution reverb. These are taken from genuine analogue devices such as spring reverbs and bucket brigade delays. There’s even a few Ian Boddy synthmulti effects chains in there too for nice big swooshy analogue ambiences.

In each of the Analogue Workshop titles I want to explore a certain area of analogue modular synthesis. The first one concentrated on distortion and feedback patches. For this, the second volume, I wanted to create a coherent feel and ambience across the range of sounds and textures whilst giving as much variety as possible. The mood is very much focused on the darker side of electronic music.

Ian Boddy Synths

I’m always surprised and delighted by how people use my sounds but certainly the patches on AW2 Dark Ambient could be used by media and film composers looking for unusual textures or atmospheres. Many of the one shot samples could be used by anyone wanting to add a few unusual hits to spice up their drum kits. The pads add a nice selection of unusual, morphing analogue tones that could be used in just about any style of electronic music.”

Click here to find out more about Analogue Workshop 2 Dark Ambient and to download a free taster pack

Ian Boddy photo courtesy of  Nigel Mullaney.

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