Zero-G Epica – customers and press give their verdict

Zero-G Epica BoxLast November, we were treated to a new virtual instrument from Zero-G and producer Sam SpaceyEPICA. Powered by the free Kontakt Player, this ‘sound module’ features thousands of samples recorded from analogue and digital synths all painstakingly hand-edited, looped and multi-layered by Sam himself.

Sculpting the in-built sounds is so easy, thanks to the intuitive user interface that allows you to create something completely unique without having to spend too much time tweaking and twiddling.

Over the last few months, the music production press has been testing Epica and Time+Space customers have been giving their verdict too. We’ve certainly not been disappointed…

Epica GUICustomer Reviews

I’ve had the pleasure of owning EPICA for a couple of weeks now and can fully recommend this fine/useable collection of synths. […] Lush/emotional pads and melody inspiring synths full of flavour and character will get those creative juices flowing. A wonderful job!” – Paul, Time+Space Customer

I sold my analogue synths years ago and regretted that move so much. All the VSTi’s are nothing like analogue so when I hear this I had my sounds back!! Anyone who is serious about wanting the best sounds for their productions NEEDS this!” – K. Dylan, Time+Space Customer

Took a chance on this but was sold on the preset demo. This thing is huge!! Thought that I would quickly go through some presets and several hours flew by. […] Wicked job.” – Anon, Time+Space Customer

And the press verdict…

SOS 5 star logoEpica sounds, well, epic. Having used – and loved – many software synths over rather too many years of doing all this stuff, I have to say that I was genuinely impressed by the quality of sounds on offer here. And what really struck me was how genuinely warm and full and, where appropriate, analogue-sounding so many of the presets are. […] Highly recommended.” – John Walden, Sound on Sound (Rating 5/5)

Music Tech awardsBrought up on a diet of everyone from Tangerine Dream (early) to Jarre, Vangelis to Orbital, Prodigy to Numan, this collection absolutely shines for me. It’s clean, shimmering and beautiful, inspiring almost at every turn – I could spend an age with it. […] Epica is as epic as epic can be. The best collection for synth-heads currently out there.” – Andy Jones, Music Tech (Rating 10/10)

This is a very well thought out and powerful instrument. The presets are great and while the multis tend more towards the world of film and sound design there are so many great sounds here that you´ll soon be building your own patches, and there´s enough here to guarantee you´ll be using it for years to come.” – Future Music magazine (Rating 9/10)

“…it’s the sound that really counts, and on that front Epica is a blast.” – Computer Music (Rating 9/10)

Epica is a really solid virtual instrument that will cover lots of bases for any composer or producer. While there’s nothing truly revolutionary here, you’ll still find yourself coming back to it again and again for quality sounds for your tracks.” –

Want to know more? Click here to visit the Epica product page

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