We talk to… Si Begg about his new Zero-G instrument “Extreme Environments”

Zero-G Extreme EnvironmentsThis week has brought the arrival of Zero-G‘s latest collection ‘Extreme Environments‘ to Time+Space, produced by seasoned sound designer Si Begg, the name behind previous Zero-G sample libraries including Distorted Dancefloors and Electro Glitch Essentials.

Producer, remixer, DJ, and film soundtrack composer Si, has used his sonic mastery mastery and musical know how to create a sound design tool that allows users to easily create dense and complex ambiences that range from musical pads through to realistic room tones and extreme sound design.

We got in touch with Si to find out more…

Hi Si, so what have you been up to since your last Zero-G sample library Electro Glitch Essentials?
Blimey .. well quite a lot, main projects have been my latest LP (all 20 tracks of it!) called Permission To Explode ( https://soundcloud.com/sibegg/sets/si-begg-digi-edition ) and have also scored a couple of feature films, the most recent one, called Hackneys Finest, is having its premier in June as part of the East End Film Festival in London..

Si BeggTell us about your new ‘Extreme Environments’ library – what is it?
Broadly speaking it’s a soundscape generator focusing on very rich, detailed, hyper-real sounds. These could be beds and drones to actual pads and instruments you can play. The main body of it is a Kontakt instrument which uses 142 bespoke loops and 86 impulse responses all mixed up to create some pretty epic noises.

Who’s it for?
It’s for musicians and sound designers alike who want to create heavily textured sounds quickly and easily…

What prompted you to create this title?
I originally knocked up some Kontakt instruments for my own use , then quickly realised that with some better scripting and a nice GUI you could knock a pretty nice instrument together. Zero-G liked the idea so we took it from there. But as I say I mainly wanted to create an instrument that I would find useful myself.

Extreme Environments InterfaceTell us about the sound sources – what hardware/software did you use?
I put everything together in Logic , but the sound sources came from all over the place. A lot of them were field recordings and contact mic recordings I’d made using my Zoom H2, processed real world sounds give it that depth and detail. But I also used things like Meatsynth a lot, Space Designer for working on the impulse responses, some old analogues for some nice dirty waveforms …

Whilst primarily a Kontakt Instrument, Extreme Environments is made up of a variety of elements/formats, can you run us through those in more detail and explain why they have been included?

As well as the Kontakt instrument, I decided to make the content available in other formats too. Whilst designing the impulse responses I used Logic’s Space Designer a lot to test them as I went, so it was a no brainer to make a bank of presets using the IRs. Then being something of Logic junkie I thought it would be nice to have some EXS24 instruments using all the loops , then combining the EXS24 instruments plus Space Designer presets into a bank of Channel Strip Settings, you’ve got a great set of Logic tools. Not to mention the Apple Loops that can be drag and dropped into Logic’s loop library.

I also use the impulse responses in Native Instruments Reflektor, so hopefully other users will find ways of exploiting the content provided in this beyond the Kontakt instrument itself. I’m a big believer in making things as “open source” as possible to open up as many creative avenues as poss !

What would you say are the Top 3 selling points of Extreme Environments?
Very versatile, especially with all the Logic tools thrown in too. Quick and easy to use Kontakt GUI and super rich complex sounds at the push of a button.

Thanks Si!

Click here to find out more about Zero-G’s Extreme Environments

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