Toontrack EZdrummer 2 – the customer verdict…

EZdrummer 2 - customer verdictIt’s been three weeks since Toontrack unleashed the highly anticipated EZdrummer 2 virtual drum instrument unto the world so we got in touch with our customers to find out how they’ve been getting on with the new features including Tap2Find, the PowerHand and Song Creator plus, of course, the new drum sounds.

To say we received many reviews would be an understatement – we were positively swamped with enthusiastic words of approval and acclaim for the software! The reviews can all be viewed on our EZdrummer 2 product page here but in the meantime, here’s a collection of extracts from some very happy users…

EZD2_mainscreenThis is by far the finest working VST on the market. It lets you be creative with your virtual drummer at long last, so much so in fact that it becomes addictive.” – bonafideproducer

All in all, for me, EZDrummer 2 is a game changer and Toontrack have finally cracked the solution to quickly and accurately producing quality, original drum tracks from out of your head, and into sonic reality, making it a real creative pleasure instead of a creativity sapping chore.” – Garry Kiosk

The new Modern and Vintage kits are superb. There are so many minor details about EZ2 that make me want to say, ‘It’s worth buying just for that,’ and the new kits certainly fall into that category. The snares on Vintage alone are some of the best and most usable in a mix that I have heard.” – Paul Miro

EZD2_mixerToontrack have absolutely nailed it !! The workflow improvement is phenomenal, the browser, tap feature and the song mode are nothing short of inspired. It doesn’t take too long to get to grips with this intuitive program.” – Rod P

“Very impressed and it makes drum tracks a joy to create and, more importantly, sound as if they were played by a human. I love the revised user interface and the way it can find suitable MIDI drum tracks for you with you tapping the rhythm you want. Recommended!” – Darren Lock

The new Song Track Sequencer as well as its integrated song ‘sections’ is my favourite addition as it provides me with a fool proof tool built for speed. Also, the new ‘Tap’ feature is a very welcome addition that is already getting a lot of use too!” – Dave99

EZD2 BrowserThe ‘Tap to Time’ facility is probably the first thing I explored and exploited. Perhaps more than any other aspect, as a songwriter, working on the fly, this is a great boon – enabling one to quickly establish the all-important groove, and establish the song’s backbone. This, along with the ability to quickly complete the overall structure – with or without optional templates – all within the new interface, makes for an excellent composing and production timesaver.” – Jimmy D

This was the best money I’ve ever spent on VST percussion software. I love all the features specially the tap to find. I think is really awesome that you can easily take 1 midi pattern and make 5 variations in just a few clicks.” – Anon

EZD2_Power_HandI purchased EZdrummer 2 as a new customer. I’d never used the program before but thought I’d take a look as the songwriting features seemed interesting. When I saw how quick and easy it looked to construct a drum track I bought it immediately. EZdrummer 2 makes the process of putting together a song structure on drums a breeze. Love it!” – The Spiral Sequence

Really impressed! I have been using EZdrummer and Superior for a long time and I am really astonished for the level that the Toontrack guys have achieved. Now I just need an EZ bass to get rid of my band!! Keep the good work going!” – Anon

As a Logic Pro user, I was already very happy with Logic’s new Drummer, so picking this up was a tough choice. But I’m really glad I did, this is an awesome product. So many useful features, great sound. For that price, its a no-brainer. ” – Tad

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts!

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