Toontrack EZdrummer 2 – the story so far…

EZdrummer 2 boxBack in early February, we at Time+Space along with selected members of the press from around the world were invited to Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studios for an announcement that Toontrack promised would be their most exciting product unveiling to date.

There were plenty of expectations in the T+S office about what it could be and whilst our inklings were on the ball we were certainly not prepared to be blown away as much as we were.

Due for release on 6th May, eight years after Toontrack launched the original, EZdrummer 2 is a completely new program that includes a host of groundbreaking songwriting tools, new drum and percussion sounds, a much improved audio engine and much, much more.

You can view the full product details on our EZdrummer 2 product page but here’s a few of our own personal highlights of the new features…

EZD 2 Main Screen

Tap2Find: This feature means it has never been easier to transform your ideas into a track in just a few clicks. Simply tap your desired rhythm directly in EZdrummer 2’s interface or on your MIDI controller and the program will list all the grooves in order of closest match.

Edit Play StylePower Hand: This is just one of several features that allow you to ‘talk’ to your drummer in real time so you can achieve a personalised drum track quickly and easily. While your groove is playing, simply drag the ‘Power Hand’ to any drum or cymbal to instantly change the leading instrument.

Amount & Velocity: For even more stunning control over the intricacies of a performance, Velocity and Amount knobs allow you to control the amount of hits and the velocity on a single drum or the whole kit in real time. These features are based on super smart algorithms that mean EZDrummer 2 doesn’t arbitrarily add or subtract hits from a groove block or lower overall velocity on random.

Song CreatorSong Creator: You can now build your entire track without leaving EZdrummer, thanks to the Song Creator tools. Simply drop your groove into the MIDI drop zone and EZdrummer 2 will conveniently list all grooves and fills with a similar feel and style. From there, simply drag and drop to build your track or let EZdrummer 2 lay out a complete song from one of its templates.

EZXs: When you install EZdrummer 2, you will find free updates available for your existing EZXs. These include new graphics and effects chains optimised for the new program, plus new functionality in EZdrummer 2 means you’ll be able to mix and match your kit pieces to build your own custom kits.

As mentioned above, you can read the full product details on our EZdrummer 2 page here, but in the meantime, here’s a quick round-up of the press’s verdict in their pre-release reviews…

Sound on Sound cover“It is a credit to Toontrack that they have introduced such a massive upgrade without any of the improvements conflicting with existing EZdrummer working methods. All in all, the affordability of EZdrummer 2 and its spectacularly ´real´ sound quality make it a remarkable effective alternative to miking up a real drum kit.” – Paul White, Sound on Sound

Everyone who’s gotten an early look at EZD2 has been absolutely floored. My songwriter friends are salivating over just how easy it is to create a complete drum track in seconds.” – Sonic Scoop

MTM-choice-awardAspects like the Tap 2 Find feature, therefore, as well as the powerful integral sequencing features, really mark EZdrummer 2 out from the crowd, and certainly offer a host of intuitive musical possibilities that go above and beyond what we’ve come to expect from a virtual drummer.Music Tech

Audio_Fanzine_Innovation_Award2014“…from my point of view as a songwriter, this new EZdrummer version is a real game-changer that makes all competitors look really old, regardless of their name or price. It´s very simple: For me, they are the most interesting virtual drums that have come out ever since the first BFD did, more than ten years ago.” – Audio Fanzine

EZdrummer 2
is due for release on 6th May. Click here for more information

EZdrummer 1 user? Pre-order the Upgrade here or if purchased after 13th March you’ll get it for free!

EZdrummer Lite user? Upgrade to the full version of EZdrummer now and you’ll get EZdrummer 2 for free!



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