3rd April 2014: This week’s new sample library releases…

Zero-G Warp StaticZero-G Warp Static by Arovane

Produced by Electro-Wizard Uwe Zahn, AKA Arovane, Warp Static delivers his trademark angular, electronic palettes and timbres, complex, crunching and swarming soundscapes, glitchy, distorted and disjointed sounds which will work as perfectly in media soundtracks as they would in electronica and EDM music.

RRP: £59.95 / €74.95
Formats: Acid Wav, Aiff Apple Loops, Rex2, EZS24, HALion, Kontakt, Reason NNXT

Samplephonics Rare Funk GroovesSamplephonics Rare Funk Grooves

An epic collection of 50 full constructions kits, each with 4-5 corresponding parts including synth bass, live bass guitar, guitar, Rhodes, Wurly, Clav, poly synths and crisp funky drum breaks. Put together by session musician Toby Baker, this sample pack is a tribute to the rare soul and funk genres that gave birth to the art of sampling.

RRP: £34.70 / €40.95
Formats: Acid Wav, Rex2, Apple Loops


Boom Library WavesBoom Library Waves

5.42GB of source recordings by Emmy-winner Gordon Hempton, these samples are classified by wave size and beach substrate (rock, pebble, sand, boulder) to deliver a huge collection of lapping, gurgling, surging, bubbling, sweeping, splashing, rumbling, rolling, howling, thundering, roaring, crashing and much more.

RRP: £142.00 / €179.00
Format: Wav


Posted by Melanie Doidge

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