So what are these new Symphobia Colours from ProjectSAM?

Symphobia Colours AnimatorFollowing the publication of some rather teasing interface shots last week, ProjectSAM, whose award winning instruments include True Strike, Symphobia and Lumina has released the first title of its brand new Symphobia Colours series ‘Animator‘.

We got in touch with ProjectSAM’s Managing Director Vincent Beijer to find out more…

Hi Vincent, congratulations on the new series! First up, what are Symphobia Colours?
Symphobia Colours are Symphobia concepts in leaner packages: specialised and affordable. They are that special kind of paint of which you need a tube, not a bucket. 

Who are Symphobia Colours for?
Film, TV and game composers, as all our libraries have been created for since the very beginning back in 2001.

Do you need an existing ProjectSAM title to use them?
Not really. They complement the libraries you have or can be used on their own, especially Animator. However, if you have Orchestral Essentials or one of the Symphobias, Symphobia Colours will match perfectly.

In what ways do Symphobia Colours complement the existing ProjectSAM libraries?
Symphobia Colours has been recorded within the Symphobia concept, the same hall, same orchestra, same accuracy, same level of scripting as Symphobia 3: Lumina 1.11. In other words, it blends in seamlessly with our other libraries!

Animator Screenshot - Laughter
What benefits will they bring to composers?
Both are industry firsts! Both libraries enable you to create in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Animator pays homage to the masters of animation scoring – Scott Bradley and Carl Stalling. Featuring an ensemble that consists of (bass) clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, violin, contrabass, piano, harp and percussion, the library focuses on short, snappy and playable articulations, phrases and special effects. These recordings are grouped by action, with names such as ‘Wink Wink’, ‘Uh Oh’ and ‘Laughter’, enabling you to quickly find the sound you need.

Symphobia Colours Animator BrowserFor Orchestrator, planned to be released a week after Animator, ProjectSAM recorded orchestrated chords with all possible transitions between them. For example, C major and F minor were recorded separately, as well as C major changing into F minor and vice versa. The result is extremely realistic, musical and evocative.

Are there any particular genres or themes that Symphobia Colours are particularly suited for?
Animator specifically focuses on animation scoring (cartoons, animated features, light games, sitcoms) although it definitely works outside that context as well.

Orchestrator can be used in many styles. It lays down a rich orchestral fundament on which you can build your themes and melodies.

Symphobia colours Animator Wink WinkCan we expect more Symphobia Colours in the future?
Well, it’s a new product line, would be boring if we’d stick to two volumes, wouldn’t it? 😉

We absolutely agree, thanks Vincent!

Click here to buy and for full details about Symphobia Colours Animator plus videos and audio demos



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